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My Top 5 BB Pistols for Early 2016

In this video I feature my top five favorite BB pistols for early 2016. That said there are lots of other BB pistols I truly love and enjoy but I had to pick 5 so these are them! You may notice that many of them are blowback, I do like the blowback guns after all and this is my top 5 pick so naturally many of them will have blowback action.

Here is a list of my top 5 guns featured in this video not necessarily in order of choice:

Umarex Colt Single Action Army CO2 BB Revolver

KWC-Cybergun 1911 CO2 Blowback BB Pistol

 Baikal MP-654K Makarov CO2 BB Pistol

ASG Bersa BP9CC CO2 Blowback BB Pistol

KWC-Cybergun CO2 BB Blowback Mini UZI


KWC Mini UZI and M92 Beretta 4.5mm Steel BB Full Auto Fun

This one is a bit of a revisit since I already did Full Auto Fun Videos for both my Cybergun GSG 92 and Cybergun Mini UZI, both of which I had to do the conversion mods (GSG 92 Full auto Mod Video - Mini UZI  Full Auto Mod Video) to allow them to shoot in full auto modes.

The good news is that out of the box the KWC Mini UZI and KWC M92 both shoot in selectable semi auto and full auto modes. And if you didn't already know, the KWC versions are virtually the same guns since KWC makes them for Cybergun. The only real difference being the KWC version does not have the licensing or white lettering on the BB guns and of course the KWC versions are full auto ready to go.

So with that said, enjoy my YouTube Full Auto Fun Video of the KWC Mini UZI and KWC M92 Full Auto ready 4.5mm Steel BB CO2 Blowback Replicas.

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KWC Cybergun Mini UZI 4.5mm Steel BB Modified Full Auto Fun

This "Full Auto Fun" video focuses on my KWC/Cybergun 4.5mm Steel BB CO2 Blowback Mini UZI BB Gun, where I kick of a short series based around shooting a bunch of 4.5mm Steel BB machine guns! Sounds like fun cause it is fun!

This KWC/Cybergun Blowback Mini UZI comes in a variety of versions, 4.5mm Steel BB and Airsoft versions, it also comes in RWS and KWC Distributed models.

In this video I basically shoot a bunch of clay pigeons positioned in various locations and film it using 4 different camera angles to spice things up a bit.

I also mention some upcoming videos where I will be shooting my RAP4 MP5 and Baikal Drozd Blackbird Full Auto BB guns so make sure to watch those video when I upload them later on this week!

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KWC Mini UZI BB Versus Airsoft Comparison Review

This is not meant to be a full review of either the BB or Airsoft version of the Cybergun - KWC CO2 Blowback Mini UZI's but I do talk about specifications, show you around both guns, and put them both through a full Field Test so I guess in a way, perhaps it can be considered to be a full review ;)

I will list the specifications here for you but I am not going to get into details like Trigger Pull, Build Quality, Accuracy and Realism. You can check out my other video reviews for more information on the Mini UZI:

Type: CO2 Blowback Machine gun.
Manufacturer: Cybergun - KWC.
Model: Mini UZU.
Materials: Metal and Polymer.
Weight: 4.8 pounds.
Barrel: Metal, non-rifled.
Propulsion: CO2 x1.
Action: BB Semi auto only - Airsoft selectable semi & full auto, single action only.
Ammunition Type: 4.5mm Steel BB - 6mm Plastic Airsoft
Ammunition Capacity: 25 - 38 rounds
FPS: 350 - 400

As I said you can check out all my other videos for info on these very accurate Mini UZI Replicas, I mainly want to go over some of the main differences and similarities for both the BB and Airsoft versions.

In terms of build quality they are made almost exactly the same and weigh in at a hefty near 5 pounds, the only differences are the inner barrel and magazines to accommodate the different sized ammo. The BB version has a 25 round single stack magazine that does not have a follower to stop the bolt from continuing to operate even after the magazine is empty. While the 6mm Airsoft version has a double stack magazine that holds 38 rounds and does have a follower to stop the bolt which can save you some unintentional wasted CO2.

The Airsoft Mini UZI version is distributed by KWC while the 4.5mm BB version is distributed by Cybergun, you will find the UZI and IWI licensing on the Cybergun 4.5mm BB version but not on the KWC 6mm Airsoft version.

Out of the box the KWC Airsoft Mini UZI is ready to go in both semi auto and full auto while the 4.5mm steel BB version will only shoot in semi auto mode, it can however be easily modded to shoot in full auto.

Both guns come in cardboard boxes with manuals, some BB's and an Allen key to tighten the CO2. The KWC Airsoft Mini UZI also comes with a handy speed loader.

There is a slight fps velocity difference between the two with the KWC Airsoft 6mm plastic rounds traveling at around 400 fps (with .20 gram BB's) and the 4.5mm Steel BB's traveling at right around 350 fps. In the field test portion I test both guns out on some water filled cans to see how each ammo type performs in terms of penetration.

Your best bet is to watch both my Table Top and Field Test Comparison Video Reviews and see for yourself how they compare!

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Dual Full Auto BB Machine Gun Destruction

Sometimes you just got to make a video because you can and because it's just plain old fun! And that's why I made this video of me shooting some cans with dual full auto BB machine guns. One is my full auto converted and trusted Cybergun Mini UZI and the other is my newly acquired ZMZ Tyrex PPA-K-01 Russian Machine Pistol.

So sit back and enjoy, I know I did :)

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