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King Arms Thompson Gold & Silver AEG Airsoft Machine Gun Table Top Review

Type: Airsoft.
Manufacturer: King Arms.
Model: Thompson M1A1 Military & M1928 Chicago (Gold & Chrome).
Materials: Metal & Wood.
Weight: 6.6 pounds.
Barrel: 15 inches, metal.
Propulsion: AEG
Action: Semi/full auto, single action.
Ammunition Type: 6mm Plastic BB (recommended .20 gram plus).
Ammunition Capacity: 420 round magazine.
FPS: 380-410.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the King Arms Thompson Machine Guns is fairly short and light as it is essentially just an on-off switch for the internal electronic components. You can shoot this gun very quickly in semi auto mode, and of course even quicker when full auto is selected. As with all AEG systems their is a slight delay between when you pull the trigger and the shot is taken as the internal spring needs to compress first before releasing.


Accuracy: In many cases Airsoft guns can be just as accurate as 4.5mm BB guns, well at least at fairly close ranges, I was able to get most of my .25 gram BB 10 round target test shots within 1 inch from 30 feet away using a semi-rested position. There where a couple BB's that lengthened the group out to about 2 inches but still a very good result when you consider these are plastic BB's being used. In Terms of FPS, I did stick with the slightly heavier 2.5 gram Airsoft BB's and still got a decent 360 average 5 shot Chronograph test result making this AEG Airsoft rifle perfect for just about any Airsoft game type.

Build Quality: The King Arms 23 Karat Gold and Chrome Platted AEG Thompson Machine Guns are very well made using Aluminum Zinc Alloy bodies and real Wood Stocks, the fit and finish is very good and pretty much everything on these rifles are either metal or wood. You will have to polish these guns with a cloth from time to time since the mirror finish shows every smudge and finger print.

Realism: I'm not sure how many real 23 Karat Gold and Chrome Platted Thompson Machine Guns there are out there but there has to be at least a few ;) But going on how these guns look and feel, they are solid and very realistic. Some people have mentioned that the bolt should be on the top for some versions of the Thompson's but there are some Thompson's with the bolt on the side so I suppose we will let that one slide. The Wood stocks are a real plus adding to the overall weight and authenticity. Most parts works as they would on the real steel Thompson M1A1 Military or M1928 Chicago (Gold or Chrome) AEG Airsoft Machine Guns.

Available in the: The Canada Replica Airguns Store.


  • Gorgeous Wood stock and Gold or Chrome platting.
  • Nice high capacity metal magazines, can be mixed and matched.
  • Adjustable rear sight for windage with two sight positions (Notch & Peep).
  • Semi and full auto selectable with really nice rate of fire.
  • FPS is bang on for indoor or outdoor Airsoft games.
  • Fully Thompson licensed.
  • Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.


  • Does not come with a battery or charger.
  • Prone to finger prints and smudges.
  • Need to use a screw driver to get at the battery.

I am a big fan of the King Arms Thompson line, even the all black version with the plastic stocks looks and functions great. Internally the lower cost black version is the same and having previously shot my black Thompson, I knew these blinged out 23 Karat Gold and Chrome Platted versions where also going to perform as good as they looked! I'm not so sure about buying a Gold or Chrome Thompson for everyday use, since they will get knocked around and scratched up but if you are looking for the best of the best with real wood stocks and all metal parts then make sure to consider one of the Thompson 

My YouTube Video Review for the King Arms Thompson Gold & Silver AEG Airsoft Machine Guns:

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King Arms Thompson Gold M1A1 Military AEG Airsoft Machine Gun Field Test Review

I am jumping the gun so to speak with this field test review and showing you my field test video review for the King Arms Thompson Gold M1A1 Military AEG Airsoft Machine Gun before I've even done the table top review... Guess I just wanted to shoot this one :)

I decided to perform my field test shooting review using just the Thompson M1A1 version since the 1928 style has the same internal mechanics, there really was no point in testing them both. Other than a few cosmetic changes like a stick magazine versus the drum magazine and the forward stock pistol grip on the 1928 version, these guns are pretty much the same. I also opted for the most flashy 23 karat Gold version, well... because "Gold is Best!"

So let's get to the results! As with most of the guns I field test, I shot 5 rounds through my chronograph, this time I decided to use .25 gram Airsoft BB's for both my chronograph and target portions of this shooting review since fishing the ammo out of the stick mag was a bit of a pain ;) I was able to get a respectable 360 fps average 5 shot Chrono test which makes this AEG Airsoft rifle bang on for just about any Airsoft battle situation. I would expect to get right around 380-400 fps if I was using the lighter .20 gram BB's.

Once I stepped back to the 30 foot semi rested target position, I shot 10 rounds first in semi auto which got me a pretty nice tight 1 inch group (if you throw out the couple of fliers). In Full Auto the shot placement also stayed nice and tight spreading out to about 2 inches or so. This Classic Thompson AEG Airsoft Machine Gun definitely hits what every you are shooting at and has a nice rate of fire that's not too wasteful of BB's but still offers plenty of cover when required.

At the end of this field test shooting review for the King Arms Thompson Gold M1A1 Military AEG Airsoft Machine Gun, I shoot some water filled cans while capturing the experience in slow motion using my new iPhone 5's 720p 120 frames per second 4 times slow-motion feature.

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Thompson Gold & Chrome AEG Airsoft Rifle Update Video

We have some new arrivals in our Canada Replica Airguns Store that some of you who like the more flashy guns may appreciate! What makes a classic Thompson machine gun even better? First of all make sure it's got an all metal body, then add real wood furnishings and of course cover it in 23 karat gold platting or if you prefer a slightly toned down version, then go with the Chrome plating.

Thompson M1928 Chicago Grand Special - Gold/Chrome
Thompson M1A1 Military Grand Special - Gold/Chrome

  • 6mm Plastic Airsoft BB's
  • 420 round stick or drum magazines
  • AEG 8.4v (Large Type)
  • 6.6 pounds (3000 grams)
  • 400+ fps
  • Aluminum Zinc Alloy body
  • Real Wood
  • Gold version is 23K Gold Plated

Checkout my update video for the Thompson Special Gold & Chrome AEG Airsoft Rifle:

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Thompson 1928 Tommy Gun & ICS SG-551 SWAT AEG Airsoft Rifle Previews

I was really excited to show you my two latest Airsoft rifle additions, the King Arms Thompson Chicago Style 1928 AEG Submachine Gun and the Cybergun ICS SIG SG-551 SWAT AEG Rifle. So I made a quick preview update video to share them both these guns with you.

The video is just a quick preview but you get to see the guns up nice and close and at the end I also show off my 9mm bullet Casing Ear Bud Headphones and talk a bit about what I like about them.

Without further ado here is My YouTube video featuring the Thompson M1928 Submachine Gun, ICS SIG SG-551 SWAT and 9mm Bullet Digital Stereo Earbuds:

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Buy this Airsoft Rifle in Canada  -  Buy this Airsoft Rifle in the US

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King Arms Thompson 1928 Ultra Grade AEG Airsoft Tommy Gun Added to Canada Store

Another Airsoft Rifle Addition in the Canada Replica Airguns Store, this one from King Arms, the King Arms Thompson 1928 Ultra Grade AEG Airsoft Tommy Gun. Also with an introductory sale price!

The Thompson M1928 Chicago Style 1928 Submachine Gun with Drum Magazine is an awesome weapon that delivers semi & fully automatic fire at outstanding velocities in the battlefield. This gun has a polished full metal body that recreates the awesome look and feel of a real Tommy gun. The gun features a metal gear box & steel bushings, a high-capacity 450 rd drum magazine and a shot velocity of 390-450 fps (using .20g BBs).

The front charging handle allows you to control the gun and an adjustable BAXS shooting system improves the accuracy of the gun when shooting from long distances. Own your enemies and order today! This rifle also Includes: 8.4 V 2000 mAh Ni-CD battery, 300 mah charger (6.5 hrs charge time), cleaning rod & manual.
  • Comes with charger and battery!
  • Shoots 6mm Plastic Airsoft BB's
  • Full metal body
  • Imitation wood stock
  • Fully Licensed
  • Front charging handle
  • Adjustable BAXS shooting system
  • Metal Gearbox/Gears
  • 8.10 lbs.
  • 390-450 fps
  • 450 round magazine
  • Adjustable rear sight (windage & elevation)
  • Semi & full auto selectable
  • Orange Tip (Can be removed with heat)

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