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Swiss Arms 4 & 6 inch Full Metal Revolvers Added to the US Store

We have just added the Swiss Arms 4 inch & 6 inch Full Metal Revolvers to the US Store, these are basically teh KWC made guns licensed through Cybergun with the Swiss Arms licensing so you can check out my Umarex Colt Python 357 since it too is the same base gun made by  KWC.

Here are the specs for these Shell loading 357 styled CO2 4.5mm BB Revolvers.

6 Inch Barrel Length Model

  • FPS: 410
  • Mag Capacity: 6 rounds
  • Power CO2
  • Length: 11.42 inches
  • Weight: 2.67 lbs
  • Full Metal, Rubberized Plastic, Textured Grips
  • Rotating Cylinder, Manual Safety, Working Ejector Rod
  • Single & Double Action
  • Includes: 1 Gun, 6 Realistic Shells, 1 Speed Loader

4 Inch Barrel Length Model

  • FPS: 344
  • Mag Capacity: 6 rounds
  • Power CO2
  • Length: 9.44 inches
  • Weight: 2.39 lbs
  • Full Metal, Rubberized Plastic, Textured Grips
  • Rotating Cylinder, Manual Safety, Working Ejector Rod
  • Single & Double Action
  • Includes: 1 Gun, 6 Realistic Shells, 1 Speed Loader

SHOT Show Vegas 2014 Miscellaneous

I stopped by the ICS Booth, we don't sell too much of their products but have carried a few items from time to time. ICS caries some nice quality Airsoft guns including the M1 Grand with real wood stock, and some AK & AR variants.

One of our suppliers had the new FN Herstal Five-seveN Blowback Airsoft pistol, I believe made by Marushin. Like the real FN Herstal Five-seveN, the pistol is pretty much all polymer including the slide and frame. This pistol also uses CO2 in the full size drop out magazine which should make it fairly powerful.

Looks like there is another Dan Wesson contender available now in the form of a Swiss Arms S&W 357 Magnum 4 inch and 6 inch barreled version, they look really nice and like the Dan Wesson have the realistic reusable brass shells that hold the 4.5mm Steel BB's.

Ever considered owning a  mobile Gunsmith vehicle, look no further, I came across this pimped out Firearms Van complete with machine guns mounted in the front :) Inside was a complete firearms workshop.

Last but not least, we had some fun while in Vegas. I go down for the SHOT Show for business but I also bring my wife and we make time for some non business related activities. I generally stay at the WorldMark resort each time and this year the weather was pretty nice so we where able to get some sun by the pool a couple of days and I even got a tan line! Of course the food and entertainment is always awesome in Vegas.


KWC Cybergun M92 Swiss Arms CO2 Blowback BB Pistol Field Test Review

Another quick revisit of the KWC/Cybergun M92 Beretta - Taurus full metal, full blowback, CO2 4.5mm Steel BB pistol series. They come in several flavors but are all made by KWC and in many cases redistributed licensed by Cybergun. This Field Test Shooting Video Review focuses on the Cybergun Swiss Arms P92 version.

I have several videos I made for the Cybergun GSG 92 version showcasing an early on Table Top Review, Field Test Review and even a Full Auto Mod Video.

Now that I have a more standardized Field Test Shooting format, I though I would revisit this series of KWC/Cybergun Beretta - Taurus Replica BB Pistols and do a follow up Field Test to get some more camera angles and hopefully a nice tight target grouping using my standard semi rested position from 20 feet away.

I also incorporate some high speed video near the end of this Field Test Shooting video Review to go along with the Chronograph and target portion of the Filed Test Shooting review.

The KWC - Cybergun Full Blowback All metal serious of Replica CO2 BB Pistols has been hugely popular over here at Replica Airguns and for good reason, they are very realistic in looks and operation, are priced very respectably and replicate several of the more popular semi auto pistols.

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KWC Cybergun P1911 Swiss Arms CO2 Blowback BB Pistol Field Test Review

So this is not the first time I've reviewed the KWC/Cybergun Series of full metal, full blowback CO2 4.5mm Steel BB pistols. The most popular version being the Cybergun Tanfoglio Witness 1911 since it was the first one on the scene. These BB shooting 1911 replicas come in several styles and can be found in both 4.5mm Steel BB and 6mm Airsoft versions.

They are made by KWC but can also be found redistributed by Cybergun with either the Tanfoglio Witness or Swiss Arms licensing on them.

Today I revisit my Field Test Review since it has been a long time and the way I conduct my field tests has changed a bit so I wanted to test this popular 1911 CO2 Replica using multiple cameras and a more scientific testing approach.

In a nutshell, the KWC/Cybergun Swiss Arms P1911 with it's true 1911 single action trigger and full blowback shoots much like its real steel counterpart with less kick of course. It is capable of nice 1.5 inch groups from a 20 foot semi rested shooting position and shoots right around 300 fps which will put a steel BB right through both sides of a water filled pop can.

You really can't find a more fun and realistic BB pistol out there, probably why this air pistol has been such a favorite with replica airgun fans.

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Cybergun Swiss Arms 1911 Blowback BB Pistol Added to Store

We have been out of the Cybergun Tanfoglio Witness  and KWC 1911 styled Blowback BB pistols for w while now and have them on preorder (Still waiting), the good new is we just got in some Cybergun Swiss Arms branded versions which are exactly the same but with teh Swiss Arms licensing on the slide. Same gun same price so grab one while we still have them.

We have the Cybergun Swiss Arms 1911 Blowback 4.5mm BB pistols in both our Canada and US stores.

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