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Western Arms Smith & Wesson Shorty 40 GBB Airsoft Pistol Table Top Review

Type: Airsoft.
Manufacturer: Western Arms (WA).
Model: Shorty 40.
Materials: Polymer & Metal.
Weight: 1.7 pounds.
Barrel: 3 inches, metal.
Propulsion: GBB
Action: Semi auto, single & double action.
Ammunition Type: 6mm plastic BB (recommended .20 gram).
Ammunition Capacity: 20 round magazine.
FPS: 260-270.
Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the Western Arms Smith & Wesson Shorty 40 is very light in both single and double action but of course the lightest when shooting in single action mode. The single action is short with next to no reset making for very quick followup shots. If you have de-cocked the gun using the de-cocker, you may find it hard to re-cock again as there is no exposed hammer to grab. You will need to pull the trigger just a bit to expose the hammer and then pull it back the rest of the way as per normal.

Accuracy: This is now the third Airsoft gun I have tested and I always assumed Airsoft guns would not be nearly as accurate as my metal BB shooters but again I have been proven wrong! The WA S&W Shorty 40 even with its short 3 inch barrel got a nice 2 inch group my first time testing it out from 20 feet out in a free standing position. And 4 shots got right in the bullseye! Considering this Airsoft gun was supposed to be non-working, it worked pretty good for me!

Build Quality: When you first pickup the Western Arms Smith & Wesson Shorty .40, you immediately think it is an all metal gun since it's all black and has really good weight to it sitting in at 1.7 pounds and in a very small package. On close up inspection the WA Shorty 40 has a lot of plastic in it including the slide and the frame. Polymer frames are not uncommon and to be honest if the gun looks and feels like metal but is actually plastic, there are some benefits. This review model being used has seen some action but it looks pretty much like a brand new gun, the reason being is because of the plastic exterior - in general, plastic is not painted but rather the color is throughout the material so it will not rub off or show a scratch nearly as much as a painted or blued finishe which will show the grey metal underneath. And to be fair, my Western Arms Shorty 40 has lots of high quality metal parts where they really need to be like the magazine, magazine release, slide catch, trigger, hammer, barrel and many other internal parts.

Realism: From looking at photos of the real Smith & Wesson Shorty 40, I can say the Airsoft version is a dead ringer. The Western Arms version has all the markings and and licensing in all the right places and from what I can tell without actually having used the real steel version, it seems to function and even field strip like the real .40 caliber model. The only real telltale sign are the plastic parts but as I said before it is very hard to tell because of this Airsoft guns heavy weight.

Purchased From: Used.


  • I got this one as a bargain ($50) to say the least.
  • Very realistic replica with full licensing.
  • Seems to be very accurate for a short barreled Airsoft pistol.
  • Decent FPS for a compact GBB Airsoft gun.
  • Even thought the frame and slide are polymer, it has very good weight and feel to it.
  • Everything works like the original, field strips and most mechanical parts are metal.
  • Safety also works as the de-cocker.
  • Adjustable rear sight for windage.
  • Very nice light single and double action trigger.


  • Hard to find this one, not in production as far as I know?
  • Plastic slide and frame but still very high quality.
  • Seems to go through gas fast - 20 BB's and it's done!


For those of you who have been a bit down on the Airsoft guns I have been reviewing, maybe you just haven't put your hands on the right ones so far? I am now on my third Airsoft product review and I have received all kinds of comments from people ranging from very positive to very negative, with some people comparing Airsoft guns to kids toys. The funny thing is it's all about perspective - people who only shoot powder burners will say an Airgun is a toy but again many powder burner shooters also shoot airguns for economical and practical reasons. I think we should respect peoples interest and if it's not for you then stick with what is for you but at least first give it a chance. I plan to take part in some Airsoft games so this is a great time for me to see what Airsoft guns I like and will work well once I get in a battle situation. Now getting back to the Western Arms Smith & Wesson Shorty 40 at hand... It is a pleasure to shoot and for a "Broken" gun it sure works well, I wonder what a new pristine condition one would shoot like? It's hard for me to tell you to go out and buy one since they are not readily available but if you do manage to come across one, grab it if you can!

My YouTube Video Review for the Western Arms Smith & Wesson Shorty 40 Airsoft Pistol:

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King Arms Colt M4A1 - Swiss Arm GSR 1911 - Western Arms S&W Shorty 40 Preview

I already mentioned all three of these gun in my previous posts, two being Airsoft: the King Arms Colt M4A1 All Metal and my Western Arms Shorty .40. And one being a 4.5mm steel BB shooter, the Swiss Arms Sig Sauer GSR 1911. I wanted to make you a quick YouTube Preview video to show you around all three replica guns before I get around to actually doing my full reviews for each of them.

I will most likely start off with my King Arms Colt M4A1 All Metal Airsoft rifle, then review my Swiss Arms Sig Sauer GSR 1911 4.5mm BB pistol, then finish off with my deal Airsoft pistol, the Western Arms Shorty 40.

This preview video should give you a good idea about these guns, but make sure to stay tuned for my full review videos for each of them.

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Western Arms Smith & Wesson Shorty .40 GBB Airsoft Pistol

Every once in a while you get kind of lucky and get a real steel on something. Here in Canada, getting your hands on an "all black" Airsoft pistol is kind of hard since they are literally impossible to import as they are considered replicas unless they shoot "over" a set fps which most Airsoft pistols have trouble obtaining. There are some all black guns floating around from before the import restriction and there are some that slip through the cracks.

Yesterday I went into my local Army Surplus store (they also sell Airsoft guns) and saw a rather interesting little black pistol in behind the glass, something I had never seen before. When I looked at it a bit close it was in fact an all black GBB Airsoft pistol version of the Smith & Wesson .40 caliber Shorty! The sales person quickly told me the $50 price tag was because it was non-functioning or as he called it a "Grave Yard Special" I though hey, makes for a nice replica even if it does not work and so I bought it on the spot.

As is pretty normal for me, I rarely take anyone at their word and like to check things out for myself. So I loaded the magazine up with propane, added 20 BB's to the magazine and headed to my deck to give it a try. 20 rounds later and with my slide locked back I came to the conclusion that there was nothing wrong with this Airsoft catch of the day!

If your wondering where to get one I am not really sure, I did see them online in some overseas sites for around $220 or so. So my $50 was well spent ;)

I am in the process of making a "preview video" of this gun and will do a follow up full review video down the road a bit.

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