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ASG Ruger MK 1 Gas 6mm Airsoft Pistol Field Test Shooting Review

I finally got my Official Field Test Shooting Review for the ASG Ruger MK 1 Gas 6mm Airsoft Pistol, make sure to also check out my Table Top Review for this Airsoft Pistol for more information on features, specifications and high quality photos taken by yours truly!

In this Field Test Shooting Reviews I test out the ASG Ruger MK 1 Gas Airsoft Pistol and put five rounds through my Chronograph to find out what the average fps is using .20 gram BB's and propane gas. ASG claims a pretty conservative 328 fps, I was expecting much higher and got much higher even on this rather mild fall BC day.

I shoot the ASG Ruger MK 1 Gas 6mm Airsoft Pistol from the 20 foot range since I hadn't done a pre-test of any sort. While shooting from a semi rested position at 20 feet back, I was able to get a 2.5 inch 10 shot group that kind of separated its self into two sub groups, one nicely centered right in the bulls eye and then another group of four that drifted a bit high and to the right a bit. The trigger pull on the ASG Ruger MK 1 Gas 6mm Airsoft Pistol is double action only and kind of on the long side but it is very smooth and has a nice satisfying metallic click to it, I found it pretty easy to shoot.

If you are a Ruger 22LR shooter than you may just want to get your hands on one of these and have the freedom of being able to shoot it just about anywhere!

My YouTube Field Test Video Review for the ASG Ruger MK 1 Gas 6mm Airsoft Pistol:

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ASG Ruger MK 1 Gas 6mm Airsoft Pistol Table Top Review

Type: Airsoft gas pistol.
Manufacturer: ASG.
Model: Ruger MK1.
Materials: Mostly plastic with some metal parts.
Weight: 1.2 pounds (550 Grams)
Barrel: Metal non-rifled.
Propulsion: Gas (Propane or Green Gas).
Action: Semi auto double action only.
Ammunition Type: 6mm plastic Airsoft BB's.
Ammunition Capacity: 17 round full size drop out metal magazine.
FPS: 328+ (Have heard it is much more).

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the ASG MK 1 is double action only which will make it a bit on the heavy and longer side, it is smooth however and does have a nice satisfying click that sounds like a firing pin being dropped. The unfortunate part is that the real steel version is a single action only trigger and one that is super short and light so the contract between the Airsoft and 22LR version may make this gun not practical is an optional training tool.
Accuracy: This part of the review is yet to be determined as I have not done my Field Test or Shooting tests for this pistol (Click here for the Field Test Shooting Video). I will put a link in here when I have done my official Field Shooting Test. For now all I can go on is some feedback from others that have claimed very high fps and excellent accuracy, I am looking forward to finding out for myself!

Build Quality: ASG as usually only distributes quality guns, the fit and finish is very good and there is use of metal where it needs to be like with the internal mechanical parts, the trigger, the safety, the rear fully adjustable sight and the full size drop out metal magazine that holds the gas and the Airsoft BB's.
Realism: The ASG MK 1 is based on a combination of the Ruger MK I-III, it looks mostly like the Mark III since the arrel is fairly stout but it does not have the typical taper near the charging handle area. Still it resembles a Ruger 22LR pistol very much. There is no blowback or charging handle operation so that means that only a double action trigger is possible, this is a bit unfortunate sine the real Ruger Mark III has an absolutely smooth and light single action trigger.
Available in: The Replica Airguns Store.


  • If you own a real Ruger 22LR it will be nice to have for some backyard or basement shooting.
  • Fully adjustable rear sight.
  • Full size all metal drop out magazine.
  • Metal trigger, metal safety and metal rear sight.
  • Very satisfying trigger sound, sounds like a real firing pin :)
  • Have heard it is really powerful and accurate - Yet to be determined…


  • Fair amount of plastic but has an OK weigh to it.
  • No blowback (Would have allowed for a true single action trigger)
  • Safely is kind of heavy to operate but may break in over time.

I think it may come down to how this ASG Ruger MK 1 Airsoft Pistol performs before I can give it my total thumbs up, I really wish it had a single action trigger but for a double action trigger it feels pretty good and I love the sounds of the internal hammer dropping. The fully adjustable sights mean that if this gun performs well in terms of accuracy then being able to dial it in to the bulls-eye will make it that much more enjoyable to shoot. Overall I like this pistol, the ergonomics are exactly like the real Ruger Mark III and even though much of the external build is plastic, it still has a good weight to it due to the all metal magazine and other internal metal parts.

My YouTube Table Top Video Review for this ASG MK 1 Airsoft Pistol:

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Umarex XBG & TDP 45 - ASG Bersa Thunder 9 Pro & MK1 Preview Video

Getting back to some more gun videos! In this YouTube Video I take a look at some lower cost 4.5mm BB and 6mm Airsoft pistols. The two ASG guns coming in at right around $60 and the Umarex BB pistols right at around $40. So very affordable guns to say the least.

When it comes to making these replica pistol reviews I tend to stick with the higher end "flashy guns" with all the metal parts and realistic operation. It takes a bit of prodding before I pick up a low cost gun and review it but that does not mean they are not good value for the money. I just personally don't mind spending a bit more money to get more features and quality, but for some people spending over $100 on an airgun is out of the question. Hey you have to start somewhere and at the end of the day a lower cost gun and higher cost gun still both put BB's down range :)

In this Youtube Preview Video Review I look at four guns, two from ASG (Bersa Thunder 9 Pro and MK1) and two from Umarex (XBG and TDP 45), three are 4.5mm Steel BB shooters (XBG, TDP 45, and Bersa Thunder 9 Pro) one is a 6mm plastic Airsoft BB shooter (MK1). All are predominantly plastic and none of them have blowback operation. The 4.5mm Steel BB shooters all use CO2 with 19 shot stick metal magazines and the ASG Airsoft MK1 uses Green Gas with a 17 round full size drop out metal magazine. The BB pistols all shoot right around 400-410 fps and for the Airsoft pistol I am not sure so we will find out when I do the review for it in a bit...

All of these pistols look pretty decent and as I said for the money, I think you are getting good value here.

Make sure to watch my YouTube Video Preview to see all this pistols a bit closer up:


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