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RAP4 RAP5 MP5 4.5mm Steel BB Modified Full Auto Fun

Video number two in a summertime series I'm calling "Full Auto Fun". My first video featured the KWC/Cybergun CO2 BB Blowback Mini UZI. The KWC Mini UZI has lots of kick and is a bit hard to figure out where exactly the sweet spot is but once you find it, it really tares up the targets in full auto mode!

In this "Full Auto Fun" video I bring out my RAP4 - RAP5 MP5 Full auto BB Rifle. The RAP5 MP5 started out life as a .43 caliber paintball gun but I bought it converted in the factory to 4.5mm Steel BB. RAP4 converts it by adding a barrel sleeve adaptor and includes some plastic casings that allow you to place 4.5mm Steel BB's into a kind of donut shaped shell that is then placed into the 21 round magazines. The plastic Donut BB shells eject from the gun like a real shell casing which is super cool!

Like my KWC Mini UZI Full Auto Fun video, I shoot up a bunch of clay pigeons but this time using my RAP4 - RAP5 MP5 4.5mm Steel BB Full Auto Rifle which I found to be very accurate but perhaps a bit thirsty when it comes to CO2 usage. Some bulk air would be a nice combination with this BB shooter, maybe in another video...

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RAP4 - RAP5 4.5mm BB MP5 Machine Gun Update Review

If you haven't already checked out the main review for the RAP4 - RAP5 BB Machine Gun then make sure to read it also. This "update review" is to cover a few extra things that I didn't include in the main review like a comparison of the RAP5 to my Umarex MP5K PDW and some more video of the RAP5 shooting some cans in full auto and recorded in slow motion.

I have also had some more time to play around with the RAP5 BB gun and get an idea of how many shots you can expect using the dual 12 gram CO2 adaptor and I also tried putting two BB's inside one shell to see how 42 rounds would work shooting in full auto.

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Real Action Paintball RAP4 - RAP5 4.5mm BB MP5 Machine Gun Review

Make sure to also checkout my update video for the RAP4-RAP5 where I compare the RAP5 to my Umarex MP5K PDW and also take out a bunch of cans...

Type: BB machine gun.
Manufacturer: RAP4.
Model: RAP5 (H&K MP5).
Materials: Metal & Polymer.
Weight: 6-7 pounds.
Barrel: 9.5 inches, metal non-rifled.
Propulsion: CO2 or bulk air.
Action: Semi & full auto, single action.
Ammunition Type: .4.5mm steel BB.
Ammunition Capacity: 21 round magazine.
FPS: 400fps.
Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the Real Action Paintball RAP5 feels kind of like an on/off switch, even though it is not an electronic switch it kind of feels like one a bit and it seems to need some CO2 or Air pressure in order to operate. Once the pressure is there, you can engage the trigger. The trigger is fairly short and nice and light.

Accuracy: I was pretty impressed with the RAP5 BB machine guns overall accuracy. I did not have to play around to much with my Red Dot scope to get it on target and keeping it on target is easy to do in both semi and full auto modes. I was especially impressed with how well it stayed on target in full auto mode. I like the fact that it pumps out BB's very quickly and they go exactly where you want them too go.

Build Quality: I was very impressed with the overall build quality of the RAP5, it has lots of metal parts exactly where they would be metal on the real MP5 giving the RAP4-RAP5 BB machine gun a very solid feel. Even the magazines feel solid and are made with metal. I was bit concerned about how the RAP5 would feed and shoot the BB & casing combination but it really seemed to work well and the combined full auto and ejecting casings makes the RAP5 a total gas to shoot!

Realism: The RAP5 BB machine gun is extremely realistic, you can even mix and match real H&K MP5 accessory parts! The only way you can tell its not the real steel is the small ejection port where the .43 caliber casings fly out, and they really come out with some momentum! Other then that this BB machine gun is very realistic in how it operates, looks and feels.
Purchased From: RAP4 (Real Action Paintball)


  • Extremely realistic replica of a real H&K MP5.
  • Lots of metal on this gun.
  • Ejecting casings makes for a realistic experience.
  • Semi and full auto selectable with a nice high rate of fire in full auto.
  • Can customize with actual MP5 add on parts. (stocks, rails, grips)
  • Good accuracy even in full auto mode.
  • Can use either CO2 or bulk-air power sources.
  • Decent 400fps for a full auto machine gun.


  • Not a cheap gun!
  • Hunting down the ejected casings can be a bit of a chore but they are not expensive to buy.
  • .43 caliber ejection port on the side is a bit of a giveaway.
  • Would have liked more options of power-sources when purchasing. (Dual 12 gram CO2 adaptor should come standard)

When I heard about this BB machine gun, I new I had to have it and mostly because of the way it feeds and ejects the shell casings, much like a real gun! I'm also a big fan of the H&K MP5 styled rifle and PDW version. I was genuinely impressed with everything about this BB shooter; design, quality, realism and shoot-ability and I hope to one day get the RAP4 (M4 styled) version of this gun which uses the same feeding mechanism. If you want the most realistic looking and operating full auto 4.5mm BB machine gun you can get then this is really it.

My YouTube Video Review for the Real Action Paintball 4.5mm BB shooting RAP5 machine gun:

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RAP4 - RAP5 4.5mm BB MP5 Machine Gun Just Arrived

It has been a hell of a past week but I will continue my pursuit of my passion for airguns and blank guns. And to be honest, nobody has really tried to stop me. The events of the past week did dim my spirits a bit but I am feeling a bit more like myself these days partly do to the arrival of a new toy - The RAP4 - RAP5 4.5mm BB shooting semi and full auto PDW.

This RAP5 (made by Real Action Paintball) is a very well made MP5 replica that started life out as a .43 caliber paintball gun, I purchased mine already converted to the 4.5mm steel BB version. If you have the .43 caliber paintball version you can purchase a 4.5mm BB or a 6mm Airsoft barrel conversion kit separately from RAP4. The standard magazine works with either conversion kit but you will need to purchase the shell ejecting plastic adaptors that you place the BB's into and then into the magazine.

The RAP5 I ordered came with a refillable 60 gram CO2 tank that fits on the back and is perfectly concealed by the rear stock. You can also remove the stock and attach a larger HPA or CO2 bottle directly to the RAP5. I did just that today to try it out and the gun worked flawlessly in both semi and full auto mode using my HPA bottle.

I of course will be doing a full review of this very cool shell ejecting BB machine gun shortly and I will show you my custom made shell casing catcher!