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Umarex Beretta Mod. 92 A1 CO2 Blowback 4.5mm BB Pistol Field Test Review

I have already done my full Table top Review for the Umarex Beretta Mod. 92 A1 CO2 Blowback 4.5mm BB Pistol so make sure to check that review out for more details on specifications and features.

In this Field Test Shooting video I take out my Umarex Beretta Mod. 92 A1 CO2 Blowback 4.5mm BB Pistol and place five shots through my Chrony Chronograph to find out what the real word velocity performance will be and I also test the accuracy of the Umarex Beretta Mod. 92 A1 CO2 Blowback 4.5mm BB Pistol by shooting ten rounds down range at a paper target from 30 feet back using a semi rested shooting position(Gun rested on a sandbag, standing in the back). I also include some slow motion video of the Umarex Beretta Mod. 92 A1 blowback action close up in both semi auto and full auto modes.

For the Feet Per Second portion of my test I used a brand new CO2 along with 5.1 grain RWS nickel coated 4.5mm Steel BB's. The temperature outside was 15 degrees Celsius (59 Fahrenheit), so not super warm or cold, I would expect a little higher fps on a warmed day. Umarex claims a velocity of 310 fps, I was able to get a five shot average of 322 which was nice to see a higher than claimed fps for the Umarex Beretta Mod. 92 A1 CO2 Blowback 4.5mm BB Pistol.

Moving on to the Accuracy portion of my Field Test, I was able to get all 10 shots within a 2 inch grouping, not bad for a heavy blowback BB pistol. I did notice the shots where a little low and to the right so some shot placement adjustments may be required depending on your shooting range since the sights on the Umarex Beretta Mod. 92 A1 CO2 Blowback 4.5mm BB Pistol are non-adjustable. The blowback action is nice and strong and the trigger is also very typical to what you would find on a Beretta M92. Shooting in full auto mode is a lot of fun and really gets your hand rocking. You should be able to get around 4 magazines in semi auto shooting mode and closer to 3 magazine in full auto shooting mode.

I really like the Beretta Mod. 92 A1 CO2 Blowback 4.5mm BB Pistol from Umarex, it's what many of us have been waiting for, a true licensed Model 92 and to top it off we even got full auto thrown in for fun :)

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Umarex Beretta Mod. 92 A1 CO2 Blowback 4.5mm BB Pistol Table Top Review

Type: BB air pistol.
Distributer: Umarex.
Model: Beretta Mod. 92 A1.
Materials: Pretty much all metal build.
Weight: 2.4 pounds (1100 grams).
Barrel: 4.38 inches Brass, non-rifled.
Propulsion: CO2 x1.
Action: Semi and full auto blowback, single and double action.
Ammunition Type: 4.5mm Steel BB's.
Ammunition Capacity: 18 rounds.
FPS: 310.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the Umarex Beretta Mod. 92 A1 BB Pistol is like what you would expect from a real Beretta 92 A1, it offers both single and double action but most of the time you will be shooting in single action since the blowback cocks the hammer after each shot. Single action has a little bit of take-up but has a predictable release that is not overly light or heavy. Double action shots are longer and heavier which is as expected.

Accuracy: I have not shot this "version" of the Umarex Beretta Mod. 92 A1 but it will undoubtedly perform very similar to the many other full blowback CO2 pistols I have tested like the KWC and Cybgergun M92's, 1911's and Sigs. I did notice the slide spring on the Umarex Beretta Mod. 92 A1 CO2 Blowback 4.5mm BB Pistol to be very firm so I am expecting it to have pretty good blowback action. One other consideration is this CO2 airguns offers both semi and full auto shooting options but with the heavy blowback, don't expect much accuracy when shooting in full auto mode :)

Build Quality: Very good, with almost all metal construction, good weight and craftsmanship. Don't quote me on this but I have a feeling the Umarex Beretta Mod. 92 A1 CO2 Blowback 4.5mm BB Pistol may be made by KWC, if this is the case then we know to expect the same quality as we have found with other KWC full blowback airguns which is pretty good overall. There may be some wear in the high spots of the finish over time but I kind of like this since it gives the gun a more realistic look.

Realism: This is by far the closest Beretta Model 92 out there, even the magazine butt plate looks the part, the safety is true to form and it is full licensed and trademarked throughout the gun via Umarex. I'm not sure if the real steal Umarex ever offered full auto or not but we can look past this for the sake of how much fun it is going to be shooting in full auto! The only negative aspect in terms of realism is the white warning writing on the left side of the slide.
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  • Your choice of shooting in either semi auto or full auto mode.
  • Really nice replica of the original Beretta 92 A1.
  • Great weight and feel to it.
  • All metal design, fit and finish is very good.
  • Strong slide spring so it should have heavy blowback action.
  • Realistic working safety and working slide catch and release.
  • Full size dropout metal magazine that holds BB's and CO2.
  • Can be field stripped like original Beretta 92 A1.
  • Fully Beretta licensed.


  • Will probably eat CO2 especially in full auto mode.
  • Non-adjustable sights.
  • Ugly white warning instruction on the slide.

I know the KWC M92 and Cybergun GSG 92 have been out for a while and the Umarex Beretta Mod. 92 A1 CO2 Blowback 4.5mm BB Pistol is along the same lines, but I do like that it is a true Beretta Replica rather than the Taurus copy. I like that Umarex went the extra mile and made the magazine look the part with a much shorter butt plate and adding semi and full auto right out of the box with a dedicated selector switch is pretty cool too. I am really looking forward to testing this gun out and seeing how the blowback action combined with the full auto ability is going to recoil, I have a feeling it's going to kick like a mule!

My YouTube Videos for the Umarex Beretta Mod. 92 A1 CO2 Blowback 4.5mm BB Pistol:

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Bruni Mod. 92 Top Venting 8mm PAK Blank Pistol Table Top Review

Type: Blank Pistol.
Manufacturer: Bruni.
Model: Mod. 92 (Beretta 92).
Materials: Mostly Metal with some steel parts.
Weight: 2.8 pounds unloaded. (1274 grams)
Barrel: Top Venting. (No Red Tip)
Propulsion: Gun powder.
Action: Single and double action.
Ammunition Type: 8mm P.A.K. Blanks.
Magazine Capacity: 15 rounds.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the Bruni Mod. 92 Top Venting 8mm PAK Blank Pistol is fairly decent on both single and double action with a fairly long take-up in double action and of course a much shorter lighter take-up in single action mode.
Accuracy: NA.

Build Quality: The overall build quality of the Bruni Mod. 92 Blank Pistol is good, mine does show some wear since it is an older previously owned blank gun but for the most part the wear and tear is cosmetic only, the mechanical parts all seem to be in excellent working order. Most of this blank shooter is made out of a zinc based metal with a few steel parts, mainly the screws, pins and springs. But it has an impressive weight to it! The grips seem to have been replaced with wrap around rubber grips that may actually be for a real steel Beretta M92.

Realism: The Bruni Mod. 92 8mm P.A.K. Blank Pistol is a very realistic looking Beretta 92 in terms of overall looks and true to scale size and weight. Most of the parts work as you would expect them to on the real steal version including the double and single action trigger, safety, locking slide catch release and magazine release button. The only exception really is the fact that this version is top venting so there is a small hole just in front of the breach that allows the full discharge of the blank round to escape out the top of the blank gun. The barrel is actually fully plugged but seems to have been partially drilled out to give the impression of being a front firing gun.
Purchase from: A private collector.


  • Well made, materials fit and finish is all very good even though very little use of hardened steel.
  • 15 round double stack magazine is nice hi-capacity.
  • For a used gun it is in very good working condition, some minor wear mainly on finish.
  • Barrel has been partially bored out to look like a front firing gun.
  • Grips have been replaced with what looks to be real Beretta grips.
  • It's a very close Beretta Model 92 replica!
  • Made in Italy.


  • Top venting instead of front firing
  • No actual take down lever for easy field striping
  • Finish is a bit worn.

In terms of being a very accurate Beretta Model 92 replica, the Bruni Mod. 92 8mm P.A.K. Blank Pistol is very close in almost all areas. Sure I would have liked it to of been front firing but the reality is, I rarely get around to shooting my blank guns. My blank pistols are mostly for show and since actual replica only guns are prohibited, being a blank gun skirts around our Canada laws allowing for ownership. Don't forget we sell the ROHM Blank guns here in our Canada Online Store and they are very good quality guns so check them out if you are in the market for a blank shooter.

My YouTube Full Video Table Top Review for the Bruni Mod. 92 8mm P.A.K. Blank Pistol:

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