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ASG - Marushin Chrome Derringer 6mm Gas Airsoft Pistol Field Test Review

During this Field Test Shooting Review Video I test out the ASG - Marushin Chrome Derringer 6mm Gas Airsoft Pistol by shooting some rounds through the Chronograph to get an idea on how powerful  it really is. I also step back 30 feet and place some rounds down range on my paper target to see just how accurate this little surprise double shot Airsoft pistol is.

In terms of power, all I had to go on was the factory claimed power rating of .6 joules. So I filled up the ASG - Marushin Chrome Derringer 6mm Gas Airsoft Pistol with Propane gas, loaded two .20 gram BB's and shot them both one after the other though my Chrony. I did find that topping up the gas was necessary between loading this gun as the gas chamber is very small. You will only get three shots out of a fill but the last shot is really slow.

I did find that I consistently got right around 250 fps on the fist shot and pretty much bang on 200 fps for the follow-up shot. Not super fast but fast enough to hit a small paper target 30 feet away pretty much every shot. Shooting 6 rounds on my paper target from 30 feet back using a semi rested position I was able to get 5 out of 6 shots pretty well placed on my paper target. I am not sure what happened to the 6th shot but it seemed to hook really hard to the right, perhaps the Airsoft BB was deformed? My 6 shot grouping with the excepting of the one shot that went MIA ended up being about 5 inches, not bad for such a small little low fps pistol.

So in terms of usefulness what can you expect from the ASG - Marushin Chrome Derringer 6mm Gas Airsoft Pistol? Well you are for sure not going to be sniping anyone with it but it could for sure come in handy as a surprise back for your backup gun!

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ASG - Marushin Chrome Derringer 6mm Gas Airsoft Pistol Table Top Review

Type: Airsoft gas pistol.
Manufacturer: Marushin (Distributed by ASG).
Model: Derringer.
Materials: Plastic with some metal parts.
Weight: .5 pounds (215 Grams).
Barrel: Metal non-rifled.
Propulsion: Gas.
Action: Over-under double barrel single action only.
Ammunition Type: 6mm plastic Airsoft BB's.
Ammunition Capacity: 2 rounds.
Energy: .6 Joules.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the ASG - Marushin Chrome Derringer is single action only so you will have to cock the hammer separately for each of the two shots. The action of the single action trigger is extremely short with virtually no take-up to speak of. The trigger pull is also very light.


Accuracy: This part of the review is yet to be determined as I have not done my Field Test or Shooting tests for this pistol. I will put a link in here when I have done my official Field Shooting Test. I have done a little bit of playing around with the ASG - Marushin Chrome Derringer 6mm Gas Airsoft Pistol and can say it is not going to be the most accurate or powerful gun out there but that's not really what this ultra compact gun is meant for, more of a surprise, hey where did that come from kind of gun!

Build Quality: The ASG Chrome Derringer 6mm Gas Airsoft Pistol is built by Marushin and as a Japanese based company it is going to be mostly plastic but with that said this little pistol is built really well, the mechanical parts that need to be metal are, like the grips hammer, trigger, safety and many of the pins and screws. Everything is tight and the tolerances are excellent. The finish is also pretty much flawless.With the added metal parts this .5 pounds pistol actually feels pretty solid in the hand and it's hard to tell so much of it it is actually plastic.

Realism: The ASG - Marushin Chrome Derringer 6mm Gas Airsoft Pistol looks the part of a real steel Derringer in terms of size and mechanical parts all functioning as they would. Even the over-under barrels are recessed to look like a much larger caliber than 6mm. The only real give away would be the small gas valve located under the handle and of coursee the lighter weight.
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  • Nice ultra compact and light weight size.
  • Flawless chrome finish to it.
  • Not a lot of meat parts but the metal grips, hammer, trigger and safety seem to add enough weight to make this Derringer feel pretty solid in the hand.
  • Nice recessed over-under barrels.
  • Mechanical part feel solid and tight.


  • Main gun build is plastic, typical of Marushin guns.
  • Not a lot of power from my preliminary testing.
  • Only 2 shots so make them count! 

The ASG - Marushin Chrome Derringer is a rather unique 6mm Gas Airsoft Pistol and is not going to make a very good primary weapon or for that matter even a good secondary weapon, but on that off chance you want surprise on your side then this little guy would make a really great last resort gun for when you only have that one shot up close and personal and it's now or never... There's also the fact that it's a Derringer and how cool is that! 

My YouTube Table Top Video Review for this ASG Chrome Derringer 6mm Gas Airsoft Pistol:

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SHOT Show Vegas 2014 Miscellaneous

I stopped by the ICS Booth, we don't sell too much of their products but have carried a few items from time to time. ICS caries some nice quality Airsoft guns including the M1 Grand with real wood stock, and some AK & AR variants.

One of our suppliers had the new FN Herstal Five-seveN Blowback Airsoft pistol, I believe made by Marushin. Like the real FN Herstal Five-seveN, the pistol is pretty much all polymer including the slide and frame. This pistol also uses CO2 in the full size drop out magazine which should make it fairly powerful.

Looks like there is another Dan Wesson contender available now in the form of a Swiss Arms S&W 357 Magnum 4 inch and 6 inch barreled version, they look really nice and like the Dan Wesson have the realistic reusable brass shells that hold the 4.5mm Steel BB's.

Ever considered owning a  mobile Gunsmith vehicle, look no further, I came across this pimped out Firearms Van complete with machine guns mounted in the front :) Inside was a complete firearms workshop.

Last but not least, we had some fun while in Vegas. I go down for the SHOT Show for business but I also bring my wife and we make time for some non business related activities. I generally stay at the WorldMark resort each time and this year the weather was pretty nice so we where able to get some sun by the pool a couple of days and I even got a tan line! Of course the food and entertainment is always awesome in Vegas.


ASG - Marushin CZ 75 Blowback Shell Ejecting Airsoft Pistol Field Test Shooting Review

Testing out the ASG - Marushin CZ 75 Blowback Shell Ejecting Airsoft Pistol was not an easy one but I did manage to get thorough it! First there was the setup, I could not shoot the ASG Shell Ejecting CZ 75 Airsoft pistol on my deck or I would have fore sure lost most of my shell casings for it. So I decided to setup camp in my pool area where I have a nice large flat area off to one side, I put down a ginormous tarp in hopes to catch the radically flying shells but even this failsafe did not catch them all as I later found out ;)

As with most of my Field Test Shooting videos, I usually do a bit of a pre test to make sure the gun is functioning properly and so I shot a full magazine of my brass shells through the ASG CZ 75 and it worked like a charm, of course when I started recording the live video it decided not to work at all and I still do not know why? I was able to revert back to the plastic shell casing that came with my ASG CZ 75 Blowback Shell Ejecting Airsoft Pistol and they seemed to be working so I went with them for my testing. Interestingly enough the brass shells got much higher fps (around 300+) when I did my pretest compared to around the 250 average fps I was getting with the plastic shell casings.

Shooting on target proved to be better than I though once I raised my sight point up a bit, the gun likes to shoot a bit low but once I found the sweet spot I got three rounds within about 3/4 of an inch from just over 20 feet away in a semi rested position.

I would not recommend this Airsoft gun as an everyday shooter and there is no way you could use it in any type of Airsoft simulation as the ejected shell casings would get lost for sure and the cost to shoot the ASG CZ 75 would get very high indeed! It would be good for use in a movie or video where you wanted the realistic look of shells being ejected and did not want to use a blank gun or render the shells in post. And of course it is just really cool to have an Airsoft gun that has ejecting shells :)

Make sure to watch my Table Top Video Review for information and photos on the ASG CZ 75.

Watch my YouTube video of the ASG CZ 75 Blowback Shell Ejecting Airsoft Pistol in action:

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ASG - Marushin CZ 75 Blowback Shell Ejecting Airsoft Pistol Table Top Review

Type: Shell Ejecting 6mm Plastic BB Airsoft Pistols.
Manufacturer: ASG.
Model: CZ 75
Materials: Plastic slide & frame, some metal parts.
Weight: 1.4 pounds (616 grams).
Barrel: Metal non-rifled smooth bore.
Propulsion: Propane, green gas.
Action: Blowback, single action only.
Ammunition Type: 6mm plastic Airsoft BB's.
Ammunition Capacity: 8 rounds.
FPS: 279+ fps.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the ASG CZ 75 Shell Ejecting Airsoft Replica is single action only, unlike the real steel version that actually has a single and double action trigger. The single action trigger has a light to medium pull but does have a fair bit of take-up to it.

Accuracy: I did not pre-test the ASG CZ 75 as the shells fly everywhere and you really need to be able to retrieve them afterwards as the cost to replace the shell casing is rather high. I do plan to do a full Shooting Field Test where I will shoot the ASG Shell Ejecting CZ 75 through the chronograph, place some shots on a target and also capture the action of this pistol in slow motion with a high speed camera. So stay posted for that. I can say that from the few shots taken in my house, that it seems to shoot pretty hard and the shells really com flying out of this gun with force, I also noticed that a BB does have to be loaded into each shell for there to be enough back pressure to allow for a full slide blowback and ejection of each shell.

Click here to watch my Field Test Video Review for the ASG CZ 75 Shell Ejecting Airsoft Pistol.

Build Quality: Even though this gun is made mostly out of plastic and from what I can tell is also made in Taiwan, it has a very good overall fit and finish. The slide slop is next to none and the licensing and markings look great. There are metal parts where they really need to be like in the barrel, hammer, trigger, safety, slide catch, magazine and a few other internal parts.

Realism: The ASG Shell Ejecting CZ 75 Airsoft Pistol is one of the most ultra realistic Airsoft pistols I have seen and mimics a real steel gun right down to the shells being ejected, how cool is that! If it had more metal then that would really top it off. Even with the plastic slide and frame it is very realistic in almost every way and even field strips just like a real CZ 75 and is fully licensed. The only feature not true to the actual CZ 75 would be the single action only trigger.
Purchased from YouTuber: FuzzyDicePimp


  • Very cool blowback with ejecting shell cases.
  • Excellent fit and finish - tolerances are very good.
  • Very believable working replica of the real steel CZ 75.
  • Fully licensed.
  • Fully field strip-able.
  • Nice heavy full size drop out metal magazine helps give it some needed weight.
  • Has metal parts where they need to be.


  • Plastic slide and frame.
  • A bit low in the FPS department.
  • Only 8 rounds in the magazine.
  • Can not really use in the field, would lose too many shells.


The ASG CZ 75 Shell Ejecting Blowback Airsoft Pistol is a very unique Airsoft gun, not very many Airsoft guns actually have ejecting shells. Just because of that I had to have it! Overall it is a pretty decent gun but I have yet to really test it out and that is the biggest shortcoming with this gun, you can't just shoot it anywhere as you need to shoot it in a place where you can recover your spent shell casings, unless of course you have all the money and shell cases in the world... That said it has a lot going for it other than the ejecting shells; Fully licensed and trademarked, blowback operation, full size drop out metal magazine and it's fully field strippable. I am sorry to say we don't offer it in out Canada or US Replica Airguns Store but we do have a similar all metal CZ 75 Airsoft offering in the form of the KJWorks KP-09 which I have done both a Table Top and Shooting Review for.

My YouTube Table Top  Review of the ASG CZ 75 Shell Ejecting Blowback Airsoft Pistol: