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ELOL - Voltran Blank Guns Added to The US Store


EKOL Major 9mm P.A.K. 007 PPK Blank Gun Review

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Type: Blank Pistol.
Manufacturer: EKOL - VOLTRAN.
Model: Major.
Materials: Mostly Metal.
Weight: 1.25 pounds.
Barrel: Semi plugged - front firing.
Propulsion: Gun powder.
Action: Semi auto single action.
Ammunition Type: 9mm P.A.K. blanks.
Ammunition Capacity: 7+1 rounds.
Trigger Pull: The EKOL Major is single action only, the trigger pull is relatively light as would be expected.
Accuracy: N/A.
Build Quality: The build quality is similar to that of my Zoraki blank guns. The EKOL Major is well built and uses good quality materials, this gun is almost all metal. The finish quality is typical of other Turkish guns - good but not perfect, the satin finish on the Major looks really good giving the gun a nice two-tone look. I can't say I like the grips all that much as they are a bit shinny, but they do the job and don't to be brittle or anything. The gun seems solid and the fit and finish are also respectable.
Realism: The EKOL Major is a copy of the Walther PPK pistol most notoriously used by Agent 007 in many of the early James Bond movies. It is a fairly accurate PPK copy other than the magazine release which on the EKOL Major is located on the bottom of the handle just behind the magazine, whereas on the real Walther PPK it is located on the left side of the frame just behind the trigger.
Purchased From: the Replica Airguns Store


  • In Canada you can only get this gun in a blank version unless you have a prohibited gun license.
  • If you're a James Bond fan, would make a great addition to your 007 collection.
  • Performed well - no loading, ejecting or misfires.
  • Even though it's small it still can take 7+1 rounds of 9mm P.A.K. ammo.
  • One of the lower priced blank guns.
  • Nice Satin two-tone finish.


  • Magazine ejector is on the bottom and not the side like a real PPK, but it's still effective.
  • No slide release but this is true to the original design.
  • I wouldn't of minded the grips to be more of a matte finished, not a big fan of shinny grips

The EKOL Major is a nice overall 9mm P.A.K. blank shooter, it has a very simple design and the classic semi auto compact pistol look. It is one of the easier guns to filed strip making it easy to clean if you plan on using it regularly. If your a James Bond fan and want the Agent 007 sidearm without the hassle of actually purchasing a real Walther PPK then the EKOL Major might just be right for you.

My table top YouTube Video Review of the EKOL Major Blank Pistol:

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I have been wanting to shoot my latest batch of EKOL Blank Guns, and today I was able to do just that! I left out my EKOL Firat because I have already done a shooting review of the EKOL Jackal and these guns are virtually identical with the exception of the Jack Dual being a semi and full auto blank shooter. Here are the guns I got to shoot today: (EKOL Arda, Tuna, Major, Special 99 and ASI UZI), all of which where purchased from the Replica Airguns Store.

In this video I use both my Canon T2i DSLR and my Casio EX-FC100 high speed camera so I was able to capture it all in both High Definition and in High Speed slow motion. First off I was very impressed with how all of these EKOL blank guns performed, this was my first time shooting them and they all shot every round without a misfire, jam or loading problem.

My YouTube Video Shooting Review for the EKOL Arda, Tuna, Major, Special 99 and ASI UZI Blank Guns:

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UPDATE - Feb. 22nd: Added a YouTube video to this post.

Back on January 30th I made a post about the Replica Airguns Store getting some new EKOL Blank Guns and Airguns. We'll I just got my review shipment of them in today and had some fun looking them all over. I don't plan on keeping all of them, but I will most certainly keep a few for my personal inventory!

Let's take a closer look at some of these fine EKOL blank guns and air guns:

EKOL ASI - $269US(Order-now)

The EKOL ASI is a very nice semi auto and full auto front firing 9mm P.A.K blank machine gun. This well built blank shooter comes with a 15 round and 25 round magazine and has selectable semi or full auto firing modes. This blank machine-gun is destined for my collection...

EKOL FIRAT - $139US (Order-now)

You may remember my reviews on the EKOL Jackal Dual? This is it's little brother in the compact version and with semi auto only. Other than that it's the same exact 15 round 9mm P.A.K. blank gun!

EKOL SPECIAL 99 - $119US (Order-now)

The EKOL Special 99 is a mid-sized Beretta styled blank shooter that comes with a single stack 8 round 9mm P.A.K. magazine. I was instantly impressed with the styling and overall feel of this gun. I'm pretty sure this one is a keeper!

EKOL ES 55 - $159CAN (Order-now)

In the mix of Blank shooters came this EKOL ES 55 4.5mm BB gun, I'm going to have to shoot a few rounds through this arigun before I can really comment on it. Still a very nice looking all metal BB shooter with a full size drop out 16 round magazine.

EKOL MAJOR - $109US (Order-now)

If your a James Bond fan, you will recognize the design of this gun, it's a replica of the Walther PPK compact semi auto, Bond's favorite sidearm in many of the 007 movies. This particular version uses 9mm P.A.K blanks and holds 7 rounds in the magazine. I already have a few PPK styled blank guns so I'm not sure if this one is staying with me...

EKOL TUNA - $79US (Order-now)

Now we are getting into the light weight blank guns, and I thought my EKOL Volga was small! The EKOL Tuna is pretty similar to the EKOL Volga in looks and design but comes in just a bit smaller and hold 6 rounds of 8mm P.A.K. blanks in it's tinny single stack magazine. Even though this blank gun is so similar to my EKOL Volga, I may find it just a bit too hard to give up?

EKOL ARDA - $89US (Order-now)

If you're looking for a small blank gun - look no further! The EKOL Arda is crazy small but even so feels solid in the hand, just make sure to hold on tight! The Arda hold 5 rounds of 8mm P.A.K. blank ammo in it's cylinder and uses a pre-cocked single action only hammer, just like back in the wild west.

My YouTube Video Preview for these EKOL Blank and Air Guns:

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EKOL Blank and BB Guns Coming to the Replica Airguns Store

Update: Stock has arrived, we are now shipping these guns!

I picked up a few really nice EKOL blank guns a couple of weeks ago to see what they where like. I was not expecting them to be as nice as they where! And I was also impressed with the fact that all three of the guns did not have a single jam, miss-feed or failure to eject the first time shooting them.

I am happy to say that in a couple of weeks, the US Replica Airguns Store will be carrying at least some of the EKOL product line, and not just EKOL's blank shooters but also one of their BB CO2 air pistols, the ES 55.

Here are the products we will be carrying in the Replica Airguns Store:

EKOL ARDA 5 Shot 8mm P.A.K. (Black & Chrome)

EKOL TUNA 5 6 Shot 8mm P.A.K. (Black & Chrome)

EKOL MAJOR 7 Shot 9mm P.A.K. (Black & Chrome)

EKOL SPECIAL 99 8 Shot 9mm P.A.K. (Black & Chrome)

EKOL FIRAT (Magnum & Compact) 15 Shot P.A.K. (Black & Chrome)

EKOL ASI 15-25 Shot Semi-Full Auto P.A.K.

EKOL ES 55 14 Shot CO2 BB Air Pistol (Black)

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