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WE Gas Blow Back Airsoft Rifles Added to the Canada Store

Last update for the day, I am happy to announce that I have added two Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifles from WE to the Canada Replica Airguns Store. They are both fantastic guns that are the spitting image of their real steel counterparts and both have awesome blowback action and feel. Both rifles shoot in semi and full auto which is exhilarating!

WE G39C (H&K G36) Open Bolt GBB Reinforced Airsoft Rifle

WE M4 CQBR Open Bolt GBB Full Metal Airsoft Rifle


July Product Updates - Blowback Airsoft Guns - Accessories and More

I am super happy to announce a bunch of new Canada Store Products coming very soon. I have sourced out some Blowback Airsoft pistols and also a couple of GBB We Airsoft Rifles. (KJWorks: Elite 1A, KP-07, KP-02) (KWC: DE .50, SW40F) (RAM P99) (WE: G39C, M4 CQBR).

I am also adding some airgun pistols that I have not been able to find a supplier for here in Canada up until now, and I will also be adding them to the Canada Store shortly. (Umarex: Browning Buck Mark URX, XBG, Beretta 90two).

And of course the addition of some new accessories that I have been wanting to have listed in the Canada Store for some time now. (Daisy Zinc Coated BB's, Umarex CP99 - PPK - Rotary Magazines, Body Guard Mace Spray, Schrade Hand Cuffs)

So if your interested in any of these items then keep checking back, I will be adding them to the Canada Store as quick as I can - time permitting!