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Rambo Costume 2015 - Replica Airguns

Again I wanted to mention we are having a Halloween sale in our Canada Replica Airguns Store from Thursday October 29th till Sunday November 1st 2015 so don't miss out on this one!

On Saturday I went to a Halloween House party, my Brother in-law and his wife put on a Halloween party pretty much every year, usually a week before which works out great for me since I have kids and Halloween night is usually reserved for them.

Getting dressed up a week before is great since it gives me the opportunity to record a video of me in my final completed Halloween outfit so I can share it with all of you. Even though I don't get to complete in the Replica Airguns Annual Halloween Costume Contest Giveaway, at least I get to have some fun and dress up :)

So enjoy my Rambo Costume this year and if you want to know what was needed to pull off this Halloween Costume then watch this video.

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Rambo Halloween Costume Supplies - Replica Airguns

Before I get into the detail of my Rambo Costume this year I wanted to mention we are having a Halloween sale in our Canada Replica Airguns Store from Thursday October 29th till Sunday November 1st 2015. 

Continuing on with the Halloween Theme... this YouTube video showcases my Rambo Halloween Costume components. I will be dressing up in full costume and sharing the video very soon but wanted to show you al my Halloween Costume bits and pieces most of which I already had which made my costume pretty easy and low cost this year :)

So what does one need to be Rambo for Halloween?

Some heavy duty black boots for sure and beat up is better.

You pant choice could be jeans, camo or all black depending on which movie Rambo you pick, I went with Black cargo style pants and an olive green belt.

You are going to want a dark color wife beater (tank top) as this is a classic Rambo attire, another option is to go shirtless if you are brave enough to do so :)

I would imagine most people are not going to have that 80's long hair so you will probably need some sort of a dark brown curly or wavy wig. I figure the bigger the hair the better. To keep all that hair out of your eyes, Rambo often wore a headband in either black or red, this will also help keep the wig in place.

In terms of weaponry a large kick-ass knife should be strapped to one leg and for firepower, go with bigger is better and a classic trusted machine gun like the AK or M60.

One optional item you can add to your Rambo Halloween Costume all be it one I plan to go with is an Ammo Belt because there simply is never too much ammo!

Finish off the entire package with a few days worth of stubble and some makeup to give you that been through hell dirty and bloodied up look.


Repost - WE AK-74UN Airsoft Assault Rifle Field Test Review

I originally made this Field Test Review Video a few months ago but had to pull it down because it featured two WE Products. The WE AK74-UN and the WE G18C which unfortunately looks a bit like a Glock. If you are not familiar with the video I made on the Glock Trademark Infringement Cease Order I received then you should probably watch that video, it will fill in some of the gaps on why I had to cut out the WE G18C portions from this video and repost it with only the parts that showcase the WE AK74-UN.

Anyways you can still read my Original Field Test Review post minus the video and photos of the WE G18C.

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WE AK-74UN & G18C Tactical GBB Airsoft Gun Field Test Review

All references, photos and video claiming that any item in this review/video looks like a Glock or is a Replica of a Glock in any way shape or form have been removed from this post as requested by Glock "Renzulli Law Firm"

I almost forgot to do my field test review for my WE AK-74UN & WE G18C Tactical GBB Airsoft Pistol and Rifle! I decided to do them both together on this one but I still did my usual full testing for both guns which consisted of my Chronograph, Target and Can destruction along with some high speed slow motion of the blowback action of both guns in full auto mode. 

Photo of WE G18C Removed by Request from Glock "Renzulli Law Firm"

Your best bet is to watch my Youtube video and see how both of these WE Airsoft guns perform. Overall they are both rally nice and super realistic, the WE G18C Tactical is definitely the full auto monster here while the AK-74UN is the bull in the China store with its crazy heavy blowback action, it has so much recoil that when shooting in full auto it kind of runs our of steam near the end, not so with the WE G18C as it did not slow down even with the 50 round magazine loaded up!

The WE AK-74UN even with it's crazy recoil holds on target very well in semi and full auto and of course has the superior fps performance. I found when shooting the G18C in full auto, I needed to hold my aim-point low as the blowback and super fast cycle rate wanted to pull the gun up and over my target, same would be true with a real gun so no surprise here.

Photo of WE G18C Removed by Request from Glock "Renzulli Law Firm" 

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WE AK-74UN GBB Airsoft Assault Rifle Table Top Review

Type: Airsoft GBB Rifle.
Manufacturer: WE.
Model: AK74UN.
Materials: Metal & plastic.
Weight: 6.9 pounds (3115 Grams).
Barrel: 9 inches, smooth bore.
Propulsion: (GBB) Gas Blowback.
Action: Semi & full auto.
Ammunition Type: Airsoft 6mm Plastic BB's.
Ammunition Capacity: 30 rounds.
FPS: 400+.
Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the WE AK74UN GBB Airsoft Rifle is very light (maybe even under 1 pound) since the blowback action has already pre-cocking the action making  this rifle single action only. The take-up is very short, about one eighth of an inch or even less! The magazine has two switches, the one on the top allows you to dry fire while the one on the backside resets the trigger block. You will need to push the side switch down after reloading your magazine to allow the trigger/hammer to function again.

Accuracy: Out of the box the WE AK74UN Airsoft Rifle shot on the high side for me, about 8 inches at 30 feet, you can adjust the front sight post to some degree for elevation but I was not able to find any way of adjusting the windage? I did my pretest shooting from the 30 foot mark and I found the WE AK74UN Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle AK74 Replica shot a very respectable 5 shot 1.5 inch group in semi auto which opened up of course when I shot the rest of the rounds in full auto. The full auto group stayed pretty tight considering all the recoil that was going on. I would say this gun should be able to shoot fairly accurately at distances even greater than 50 feet and even in full auto.

Build Quality: The WE AK74UN Airsoft Rifle is very well made with a lot of actual stamped steel parts, the only metal (zinc alloy) would be the trigger group, bolt, and part of the front sight, the pistol grip and front stock are made out of a matt finished hard plastic. Fit and finish is near perfect and I had no problems with the functionality of this Airsoft replica in any way. There are third party steel replacement parts for the trigger group and bolt if you want to swap these out at some point.

Realism: Everything about this gun is realistic! Operation, field stripping, tones of steel and metal parts, the long travel bolt, the slower cycle rate, and the heavy recoil all make the WE AK74UN GBB Airsoft Rifle as near perfect a working replica that you can find. Sure WE modernized this AK74 variant a bit with the addition of some enhancements but they do work well and make this Airsoft rifle very usable.
Reviewed by: Replica Airguns.


  • Long travel bolt with heavy blowback, lower cycle rate like a real AK!
  • Lots of steel and metal in this gun, very hefty and solid.
  • Awesome blowback kick really hits you in the shoulder.
  • Semi auto & full auto selectable.
  • Field strips just like the real AK.
  • Nice high 400+ FPS and good 1.5 inch 5 shot group from 30 feet away.
  • Decent use of Gas.
  • Modified improved selector/safety switch can be used with trigger finger and also can be used to lock the bolt back for easy hop-up adjustments.
  • Magwell guide helps with insertion of the magazine.


  • Long travel bolt kicks so hard that it can wear the softer Zinc Alloy internal parts quickly like the bolt and trigger grouping.
  • Sights are not really very adjustable, at least for windage.

I really love my WE AK74UN Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle, it is truly one of the most realistic replica guns I own, not just in looks but in how it functions and shoots. The heavy use of stamped steel, lots of metal throughout, full travel bolt with heavy blowback and realistic AK cycle rate make this one of the most fun guns to shoot that I own. If you're looking for a Gas Blowback AK styled Airsoft rifle this one is one of the best out there! 

My YouTube Table Top Video REVIEW of the WE AK74UN Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle:

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