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Rambo Costume 2015 - Replica Airguns

Again I wanted to mention we are having a Halloween sale in our Canada Replica Airguns Store from Thursday October 29th till Sunday November 1st 2015 so don't miss out on this one!

On Saturday I went to a Halloween House party, my Brother in-law and his wife put on a Halloween party pretty much every year, usually a week before which works out great for me since I have kids and Halloween night is usually reserved for them.

Getting dressed up a week before is great since it gives me the opportunity to record a video of me in my final completed Halloween outfit so I can share it with all of you. Even though I don't get to complete in the Replica Airguns Annual Halloween Costume Contest Giveaway, at least I get to have some fun and dress up :)

So enjoy my Rambo Costume this year and if you want to know what was needed to pull off this Halloween Costume then watch this video.

If you're interested in getting involved in this years Replica Airguns 2015 Halloween Costume Giveaway then watch this video.


Rambo Halloween Costume Supplies - Replica Airguns

Before I get into the detail of my Rambo Costume this year I wanted to mention we are having a Halloween sale in our Canada Replica Airguns Store from Thursday October 29th till Sunday November 1st 2015. 

Continuing on with the Halloween Theme... this YouTube video showcases my Rambo Halloween Costume components. I will be dressing up in full costume and sharing the video very soon but wanted to show you al my Halloween Costume bits and pieces most of which I already had which made my costume pretty easy and low cost this year :)

So what does one need to be Rambo for Halloween?

Some heavy duty black boots for sure and beat up is better.

You pant choice could be jeans, camo or all black depending on which movie Rambo you pick, I went with Black cargo style pants and an olive green belt.

You are going to want a dark color wife beater (tank top) as this is a classic Rambo attire, another option is to go shirtless if you are brave enough to do so :)

I would imagine most people are not going to have that 80's long hair so you will probably need some sort of a dark brown curly or wavy wig. I figure the bigger the hair the better. To keep all that hair out of your eyes, Rambo often wore a headband in either black or red, this will also help keep the wig in place.

In terms of weaponry a large kick-ass knife should be strapped to one leg and for firepower, go with bigger is better and a classic trusted machine gun like the AK or M60.

One optional item you can add to your Rambo Halloween Costume all be it one I plan to go with is an Ammo Belt because there simply is never too much ammo!

Finish off the entire package with a few days worth of stubble and some makeup to give you that been through hell dirty and bloodied up look.


Airsoft Guns Have Arrived - Well Sort of!

OK we are one step closer to having stock on some Airsoft guns. I have 4 new full-auto rifles for you to choose from in our Canada and US Replica Airguns Stores. In the US Replica Airguns Store they are in stock and ready to sell but we have to wait just a bit for them here in the Canada Replica Airguns Store so I am giving the Canadian version a bit of a pre-sale price reduction to give you some incentive!

The Canadian versions are all high velocity and shoot in the 450 fps range to allow us to sell them to you here in Canada in the "non-clear" solid metal and polymer versions since they will be classified as "non-regulated firearms" just like a regular airgun.

And yes I will be reviewing these Airsoft rifles for you, hopefully all of them :)

King Arms Colt M4A1 Metal AEG Airsoft Rifle

FN Herstal F2000 Tactical AEG Airsoft Rifle

Kalashnikov AK74 SU AEG Airsoft Rifle

AK47 Kalashnikov Tactical 60th Anniversary AEG Airsoft Rifle

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