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Mike's Personal Guns For Sale - PAL and Paintball

I am showcasing here on the Replica Airguns website and over on the Replica Airguns YouTube channel a series of videos I will be making for the purpose of selling some guns out of my personal collection. I simply have no more room for the new guns and in some cases I either have duplicate guns or very similar versions so there is no need to have both. Some guns I am less attached to and as I already stated I need to make room for some of the new stuff I will be reviewing and or buying for myself.

In this second Mike's Personal Guns For Sale video I am offering three rifles, two of which will require a Canada PAL Firearms License since one is a 22LR rimfire rifle and the other is a high powered .22 caliber break barrel pellet rifle. The last item up for bid is an AK-47 styled .68 caliber paintball rifle.

Make sure to watch my above YouTube video to see these three rifles I am selling and instructions on how you can take part in the sale and purchase of them. By the way I am only selling to Canadian residents since shipping cross borders is a little sketchy.

Here is a list of the these three rifles I am selling from my personal gun collection:

ISSC MK22 22LR (FN SCAR) Rifle - $625 PAL Required

Benjamin Sheridan Super Streak .22 Caliber Break Barrel Rifle $250 PAL Required

Tacamo T68 AK-47 .68 Cal. Paintball Rifle $275


Range Day - Shooting All Kinds of Real Guns

It has been way too long since I got to go to the gun range and shoot my "big boy" guns! I say that sarcastically, sure my real steel guns are fun to shoot but it sure costs a lot of money and basically all we really do is shoot paper targets. Shooting at papper targets is fun for a while but I kind of enjoy shooting my airguns at pretty much any type of target I choose to shoot at. And of course any time I want to and for pennies per shot.

So getting back to Range Day shooting my real steel big boy guns ;) I went with a couple of buddies of mine and we shot a nice variety of guns. My Norinco NP-30 double stack 45 cal 1911, my Wyoming Arms Parker 10mm, a couple of my friends Glock 40 cals, my Norinco NP-34 P228 and Norinco Tokarev Type 54 9mm pistols, my Chiappa 1911-22 and ISSC M22 22LR pistols, a nice Sig Mosquito 22LR, my buddies S&W M&P 15-22 22LR rifle along with my ISSC MK22 SCAR 22LR rifle and my friends mighty custom Ruger Mini 14 in .223 caliber...

It was a cold day but a really fun day and it gave me a chance to really use my iPhone 6 plus camera for its slow-motion capabilities in a decent lighting situation.

Enjoy the footage of these "real guns" shooting in real time and slowed down.


ISSC MK22 FN SCAR 22LR Rimfire Rifle Review

Type: .22 caliber rifle.
Manufacturer: ISSC.
Model: MK22.
Materials: Metal & Polymer.
Weight: 6.5 pounds.
Barrel: 16 inches, metal rifled.
Propulsion: Gun Powder.
Action: Semi auto, single action.
Ammunition Type: .22LR caliber rimfire.
Ammunition Capacity: 22 round magazine.
FPS: 1,138 - 1255.
Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the ISSC MK22 is fairly short with a bit of noticeable break point in it but overall is pretty light. I get the feeling that this may be a striker based action because of the slight tension before the release.

Accuracy: I put about 300 rounds through the ISSC MK22 and took some time getting used to how it felt and also sighting in the sights on my 4 power scope. Once I felt comfortable I setup a new target and placed a full magazine (22 shots) all with in a 2 inch group from 20 yards out (60 feet). I was in a seated position using and elbow based rest. I was very happy with these results.

Build Quality: To me the ISSC MK22 SCAR clone feels like the real deal, it's not till you load it up and fire off a few rounds that you can even tell you are shooting the .22 caliber rimefire version. The MK22 has a lot of metal parts and the fit and finish is very good. You do have to use quality .22 caliber ammo in this guns for the best results because it can be a bit picky and also make sure to also take a bit of extra time when loading your magazines to ensure the ammo is set well to the back of the magazine. I'm not saying you can't use the cheap box ammo but you will have to be prepared to clear a few rounds from time to time.

Realism: It doesn't get any more real than this, the ISSC MK22 is basically an FN SCAR in a smaller cheaper .22LR caliber. But if you want to spend $3000 on the real thing and several hundred dollars per day at the range in ammo then get the full NATO round firing version. Unfortunately my pocket book does not allow for this and I don't think we can even get the larger caliber versions here in Canada. I also go to an indoor range that allows .22 caliber rifles to be used alongside the pistols which makes getting out and using the ISSC MK22 that much easier.
Purchased From: ???


  • One fifth the price of the NATO round firing version to purchase and operate.
  • Mostly metal construction with good usage of polymer in the right places to keep it light.
  • Lots of rails to mount just about any type of accessory you can think of.
  • Nice high capacity 22 round magazine to keep the shoots going.
  • Versatile flip up multi position sights for pistol or rifle based target acquiring.
  • Fully adjustable stock with three length positions and check hight position, can also be folded in.
  • Most bad ass looking .22 caliber rimefire rifle around.
  • Made in Germany


  • Not the Cheapest .22LR on the market in this category but well worth the added price tag.
  • Can be a bit picky about which bullet's you use in it and how you load the magazine.
  • The rear stock cheek rest is a bit high when using the pistol sights or a low rise scope, you may need a riser under your scope.

As you know, I don't do a lot of actual "real gun" reviews, the ones that use gun powder and shoot lead bullets. I do have a very soft spot for the .22 caliber rifles for a few reasons. Firstly, they are usually more inexpensive to buy and also to shoot as the ammo is only a fraction of the cost of the larger caliber ammo. .22 rimefire guns can also be shot in more areas and at most gun ranges so you are more likely to get better use out of it in the long run. The ISSC MK22 FN SCAR clone is definitely the most impressive .22 caliber tactical styled rifle you can get, at least in Canada and even though it is at the top of the price rang in it's category it is well worth it because it is really a very high quality gun at a reasonable price.

My YouTube Video Review for the ISSC MK22 FN SCAR Type .22LR:


ISSC MK22 SCAR 22LR Rimfire On Its Way

As many of you may know, I don't just own a bunch of airguns and blank guns. They are one of my biggest passions but I also have my Restricted Firearms License here in Canada and I own several "Real" hand guns and rifles that I enjoy very much.

I have four .22 caliber rimfire guns and I have another one on its way - the ISSC MK22 SCAR .22LR, you may ask why I need another .22 rimfire? Well similarly to airguns, .22 caliber rimfire guns are relatively cheap to buy and operate compared to their big brother larger caliber versions. So I guess that draws me to them, they are just so fun to shoot and in a guilt-free kind of way. With large caliber guns I tend to head to the range with a preset amount of ammo that I am willing to part with and when it's all gone then it's time to switch over to the .22 calibers and go nuts! And not only that, our .22 caliber rimfire rifles do not have the magazine round restriction like our 5 round restriction on large caliber rifles.

For example, the ISSC MK22 SCAR .22LR that is on it's way costs a fraction of the price of the full on military version at around $650 Canadian, that might sound like a lot but the NATO round firing version goes for about $3000 and as far as I know is not even available in Canada to the average joe like me? And you will be counting ammo with one of these NATO round firing bad boys, at least I know I would be :)

I will be doing a full review of the ISSC MK22 SCAR 22LR so make sure to check it out if this type of gun interests you also.

Here are some of the specifications for you till I get a chance to review this awesome .22 tactical rifle!

  • Caliber: .22LR
  • Overall Length Collapsed: 34.65 in./880 mm
  • Overall Length Full: 36 in./916 mm
  • Overall Width: 2.81 in./71,5mm
  • Barrel Length: 16 in./420 mm
  • Rifling Length: 15 in./406mm
  • Number of Grooves 6
  • Sight Length Max: 15.7 in./400mm
  • Weight w/o Magazine: 6.5 lbs./2990 g
  • Magazine weight, empty: 3.8 ozs. /110 g
  • Trigger Pull, approx.: 4 lbs.
  • Magazine Capacity:22 rds.
  • This is a non-restricted firearm.