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Umarex - KWA HK MP7 GBB Airsoft PDW Field Test Shooting Review

The rainy weather let up today so I grabbed up my Umarex - KWA MP7 Blowback Airsoft PDW and put it through its paces today. I was a bit surprised that my groupings from 30 feet away shooting from a semi-rested position where a bit spread out, mostly top to bottom. Perhaps the hop up was effecting the MP7? The good news is that shooting in full auto did not seem to make things any worse :) I was using .25 gram BB's for the accuracy test.

As for the Chronograph portion of this field test shooting review, the Umarex - KWA MP7 Blowback Airsoft Machine Pistol shot a bit higher than claimed at just over 400 fps using .20 gram BB's with Propane Gas. I had no problems shooting a full magazine of 40 rounds with a full gas fill up and the cycle rate stayed nice and high with very little cool down effect.

I really enjoyed shooting the Umarex - KWA MP7 Blowback Airsoft PDW, it has a nice sound with just the right amount of blowback to give it a good feel without throwing off the sights, the trigger was very light and responsive and I ended up preferring to use the pop up sights over the pistol sights as I was shooting mostly with the stock and fore grip open. Those Cans never had a chance!

All in all the Umarex - KWA MP7 Blowback Airsoft PDW is one of the coolest compact and ultra modern Airsoft guns I have had the pleasure to review and test out.

Watch my Field Test Shooting YouTube Video for the Umarex - KWA MP7 Blowback Airsoft PDW:

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Umarex - KWA HK MP7 A1 GBB Airsoft PDW Table Top Review



Type: Airsoft Machine Pistol (PDW).
Manufacturer: Umarex - KWA.
Model: H&K MP7 A1.
Materials: Metal & plastic.
Weight: 4 pounds, 7 ounces (2130 grams).
Barrel: 6.3 inches, smooth bore.
Propulsion: GBB - Gas Blowback.
Action: Semi-full auto selectable SAO.
Ammunition Type: Airsoft 6mm Plastic BB's.
Ammunition Capacity: 40 rounds.
FPS: 370.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the Umarex - KWA H&K MP7 A1 is single action only as the charging handle has to be pulled back to open and release the bolt for the first shot fired. There is a trigger safety that must be engaged to fire, but it is not noticeable when shooting this Airsoft PDW. There is a short take-up and then a nice light release and short reset.

Accuracy: I was able to get decent accuracy in both semi auto and full auto burst with my H&K MP7 due to the mild to medium blowback. I would say I shot somewhere in the 2-3 spread with my 10 shot grouping from 20 feet out. When I do my full Field Test Shooting Review I will take it back a bit further and shoot form 30 feet out. I did get a bit higher then claimed fps right up into the 400 fps range when testing the Umarex - KWA H&K MP7 A1 on my Chronograph.

Build Quality: The Umarex - KWA H&K MP7 A1 Airsoft PDW is built extremely well, using near exact components that you would find on the real HK MP7, yes it has a plastic or polymer shell but that is what you would find on the 4.6mm x 30 real steel version. The Umarex MP7 Airsoft PDW does use lots of metal where it needs to be like in the internal housing, pins, bolt, barrel, rails and even the magazine. The fit and finish is bang on, this gun is as solid as they come!

Realism: I have to say the Umarex - KWA H&K MP7 A1 is pretty much a bang on copy of the real steel H&K MP7. The only telltale sign is the Umarex branding and warning label on the right side receiver, even the 6mm caliber markings are near impossible to make out on the underside right beside the serial number plate. Of course the red flash hider is a big "red flag" that takes away form the realism but for us here in Canada, a bit of red paint is all that is needed to fix that problem. just be aware that the flash hider is really glued on tight so plan that project accordingly!
Available at the: Canada Replica Airguns Store.


  • Excellent attention to detail with lots of working parts.
  • Full H&K licensing and markings.
  • Good overall 400 fps power for a short barreled gas blowback gun.
  • Very nice trigger with working trigger safety.
  • Lots of metal parts where they need to be and would be on the real K&H MP7 PDW.
  • Semi auto & full auto selectable.
  • High capacity GBB magazine (40 rounds)
  • Sights are fully adjustable and offer two positions.
  • Built in for-grip and rear slide-out stock
  • Easy access to hop up system.


  • Came with the orange tip, you may want to  paint it. (hard to get off as it is glued on!)
  • May be too powerful for CQB skirmishes without some detuning.

I really like the Umarex - KWA H&K MP7 A1 Airsoft PDW, it's my kind of Airsoft gun! I love the modern look, I love the features and the price is also really good for what you are getting here, a GBB gun that is super versatile and can be used in close our out at range. The build quality is what impressed me the most, this Airsoft gun is super solid, that combined with the attention to every detail would fool just about anyone that it's not the real deal until a very close inspection is done:) The Umarex - KWA H&K MP7 A1 reminds me of the other ASG MP9 KWA built PDW I reviewed earlier, they are like two peas in a pod but both with their own unique personalities.

My YouTube Video of the Umarex - KWA H&K MP7 A1 Airsoft PDW - Machine Pistol:

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Umarex MP7 - Umarex P99 - ASG Dan Wesson 6 Inch Airsoft Gun Update Video

Here is a quick Update video of three Airsoft guns, two of which I have touched upon before but have not gotten around to doing any actual Table Top or Field Test Shooting videos for you (The ASG Dan Wesson Airsoft Revolver and the Umarex P99 Blowback Airsoft Pistol). I also show you a new Umarex Airsoft Gas Blowback PDW, the H&K MP7 A1, a very realistic version I am sure will be of interest to many of my Airsoft fans.

I will be doing proper Table Top and Field Test Videos for each of these Airsoft guns as soon as I can get to them all, starting with the Umarex Gas Blowback H&K MP7 A1 Airsoft PDW so stay posted for these upcoming video reviews...

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