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Umarex HK G36 KV AEG Blowback Airsoft Rifle Field Test Shooting Review


This is the official Field Shooting Test Video Review for the Umarex HK G36 KV AEG (EBB) Blowback Airsoft Rifle. If you haven't checked out my Table top Video Review for the Umarex HK G36 KV, make sure to do so as I have some more photos there and also all the specifications and details including the Pros & Cons for the HK G36 KV AEG Blowback Airsoft Rifle.

In this part of the review I test the HK G36 KV AEG Rifle using my Chronograph to see what the 5 shot feet per second average is using fully charged batteries. I got pretty much right bang on to the factory claimed 450 fps using .20 gram 6mm plastic Airsoft BB's and consistency was within a few fps for each shot.

I also take the Umarex HK G36 KV AEG Blowback (EBB) Airsoft Rifle back 30 feet and shoot it at a target using a semi rested position (sand bag up front, standing in the back) and shoot in both semi auto and full auto, there really was no real difference in accuracy using both selections, I think the built in magnified scope helped out here to get a very tight 1.5 inch group shooting in semi and full auto.

So far out of all my AEG rifles I would have to say the Umarex HK G36 KV (EBB) performed the best getting very consistent and high fps and tight groupings in both semi and full auto even using light weight .20 gram BB's.

Watch my Field Test Shooting Youtube Video Review for the Umarex HK G36 KV AEG Blowback Airsoft Rifle:

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Umarex HK G36 KV AEG (EBB) Blowback Airsoft Rifle Table Top Review

Type: Airsoft Assault Rifle.
Manufacturer: Umarex.
Model: HK G36 KV.
Materials: Metal & polymer.
Weight: 7 pounds.
Barrel: Smooth bore.
Propulsion: AEG (EBB) Blowback.
Action: Semi & full auto.
Ammunition Type: Airsoft 6mm Plastic BB's.
Ammunition Capacity: 400 rounds.
FPS: 450+.
Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the Umarex HK G36 KV is fairly short and light as it is essentially just an electrical on off switch for the internal electronic components. You can shoot the G36 very quickly in semi auto mode, and in full auto it cycles very quickly giving a high rate of fire.

Accuracy: In my brief pre-testing without any sighting in, the Umarex Heckler & Koch G36 KV shot just a bit off center to the right from a 30 foot semi rested position and produced a nice 2 inch grouping. In full auto the grouping opened up a bit but still punched a nice 1.5 inch hole in the target with most of the BB hitting there.

Build Quality: The Umarex HK G36 KV is very well made, yes it has lots of polymer but so does the real version and the plastic seems very durable, the fit and finish looked great and there is a lot of metal in and around the G36 where it would be on the real steel gun and where it is really required to be. Like the trigger, top rail, pins, selector switch, barrel, gearbox and gears.

Realism: Similar to my WE G39C reviewed earlier, I bet if you had a real Heckler & Koch G36 sitting beside the Umarex HK G36 KV, you would be hard pressed to tell them apart? The Umarex is also fully HK licensed and trademark throughout even including the 5.56mm NATO markings.
Available at the: Canada Replica Airguns Store.


  • Excellent attention to detail with lots of working parts.
  • All metal internals and metal external mechanical parts.
  • Semi auto & full auto selectable.
  • Full HK licensing and markings.
  • Accurate 2 inch 10 shot group from 30 feet out.
  • Nice high 450+ FPS.
  • Full ambidextrous, even the charging handle can be switched side to side.
  • High capacity magazine (400 rounds)
  • Built in 3x optical sight with ability to add a Red Dot for close quarter shooting.
  • 4 position adjustable folding stock.
  • Easy access to hop up system.


  • Does not come with a battery or charger.
  • Came with the orange tip, you may want to replace it or paint it black?
  • May be too powerful for close quarter skirmishes without some detuning.

This is my first Umarex Airsoft rifle product review and I have to say it really seems good so far, I have not had a lot of hands on time shooting the Umarex HK G36 KV but right out of the box I was getting very good results, nice high 450+ fps and good groupings even out at further range. The fit and finish are all very good and the realism is as good, if not better than other Airsoft AEG I have reviewed. I like the built in 3x Optical Scope and the addition of an upper rail to accommodate a Red Dot, this gives you the ability to acquire quick close up shot placements using a Red Dot while also being able to focus in on further out targets using the magnified optical scope. I look forward to my official Field Test shooting review.

My YouTube Video of the Umarex G36 KV AEG (EBB) Blowback Airsoft Rifle: