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KWC Mini UZI and M92 Beretta 4.5mm Steel BB Full Auto Fun

This one is a bit of a revisit since I already did Full Auto Fun Videos for both my Cybergun GSG 92 and Cybergun Mini UZI, both of which I had to do the conversion mods (GSG 92 Full auto Mod Video - Mini UZI  Full Auto Mod Video) to allow them to shoot in full auto modes.

The good news is that out of the box the KWC Mini UZI and KWC M92 both shoot in selectable semi auto and full auto modes. And if you didn't already know, the KWC versions are virtually the same guns since KWC makes them for Cybergun. The only real difference being the KWC version does not have the licensing or white lettering on the BB guns and of course the KWC versions are full auto ready to go.

So with that said, enjoy my YouTube Full Auto Fun Video of the KWC Mini UZI and KWC M92 Full Auto ready 4.5mm Steel BB CO2 Blowback Replicas.

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KWC Cybergun GSG 92 4.5mm Steel BB Modified Full Auto Fun

You guessed it, another Full Auto Fun YouTube Video! And another great Blowback BB gun from the past dusted off and brought out for some more shooting fun :)

You may remember my Cybergun GSG 92 CO2 Blowback 4.5mm Steel BB Pistol that I made several video reviews of, including a how to modify it to shoot both in semi auto and full auto modes. Well the good news is our new KWC Model M92 unlicensed versions (no ugly warning lettering either) now come with the semi and full auto selectable feature so no need to modify, just buy one and your ready to go!

With that said this video is me actually shooting my original Cybergun / KWC Licensed GSG 92 version that I modded to shoot full auto. It was giving me a bit of trouble today but it seemed to work out the kinks near the end.

In an upcoming Full Auto Fun Video I do plan to bring out a new KWC full auto ready M92 and Mini UZI to see how these factory full auto 4.5mm BB guns shoot out of the box.

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KWC Model M1911 Tac A1 vs Cybergun-KWC GSG 92-M92 Head to Head Shootout

Here is the third video in a series of Head to Head Air Pistol Shootouts. In this video place the KWC Model M1911 Tac A1 head to head versus the Cybergun-KWC GSG 92-M92.

Both CO2 4.5mm Replica Air Pistols feature full size drop out metal magazines that hold the CO2 and 4.5mm steel BB's. These super realistic BB guns also have full blowback with working slide catches, safeties and magazine releases and they can both be field stripped juts like the real steel versions.

In this field test comparison I shoot both guns through my Chronograph to see what kind of feet per second performance each one shoots, I also take them back 30 feet and shoot 10 rounds on a paper target using a semi rested position for true accuracy results.

Watch my Field Test Head to Head Shootout for the KWC Model M1911 Tac A1 vs Cybergun-KWC GSG 92-M92:

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Couple of Price Drops in Our US Store - Tanfoglio 1911 & Beretta P92 

What can I say, most places are jack'n up their prices and we seem to keep lowering them!

Now I know some of you are going to say, "why are these guns so much lower cost in the US than in Canada?" You can blame that one on the money grabbers along the way when we have to ship and import many products from the US to Canada. In fact our supplier is exactly the same for all the Cybergun products in both Canada and the US, it just costs a lot more for us to land them here in Canada , and you guessed it, we pass that extra cost right back to you our beloved Canadian customers :)

So back to the good news for our US customers...

If you have not already picked up one of these amazing Replica CO2 Blowback BB pistols then make sure to do so now that they are at an all time low price point:


KWC Cybergun M92 Swiss Arms CO2 Blowback BB Pistol Field Test Review

Another quick revisit of the KWC/Cybergun M92 Beretta - Taurus full metal, full blowback, CO2 4.5mm Steel BB pistol series. They come in several flavors but are all made by KWC and in many cases redistributed licensed by Cybergun. This Field Test Shooting Video Review focuses on the Cybergun Swiss Arms P92 version.

I have several videos I made for the Cybergun GSG 92 version showcasing an early on Table Top Review, Field Test Review and even a Full Auto Mod Video.

Now that I have a more standardized Field Test Shooting format, I though I would revisit this series of KWC/Cybergun Beretta - Taurus Replica BB Pistols and do a follow up Field Test to get some more camera angles and hopefully a nice tight target grouping using my standard semi rested position from 20 feet away.

I also incorporate some high speed video near the end of this Field Test Shooting video Review to go along with the Chronograph and target portion of the Filed Test Shooting review.

The KWC - Cybergun Full Blowback All metal serious of Replica CO2 BB Pistols has been hugely popular over here at Replica Airguns and for good reason, they are very realistic in looks and operation, are priced very respectably and replicate several of the more popular semi auto pistols.

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