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Mike's Personal Guns for Sale - BB Rifles

I am showcasing here on the Replica Airguns website and over on the Replica Airguns YouTube channel a series of videos I am making for the purpose of selling some guns out of my personal collection. I simply have no more room for the new guns and in some cases I either have duplicate guns or very similar versions so there is no need to have both. Some guns I am less attached to and as I already stated I need to make room for some of the new stuff I will be reviewing and or buying for myself.

In this third Mike's Personal Guns For Sale video I am offering four BB rifles, three of which have full auto or at least burst mode ability and the fourth BB rifles is more of a Shotguns with the ability to shoot three BB's at once. Most of these BB rifles are really hard to get here in Canada now since one is not made anymore and the two are simply not currently being imported into Canada.

Make sure to watch my above YouTube video to see these four BB rifles I am selling and instructions on how you can take part in the sale and purchase of them. By the way I am only selling to Canadian residents since shipping cross borders is a little sketchy.

Here is a list of the BB Rifles I am selling from my personal gun collection:

Custom Baikal Drozd Blackbird 4.5mm Steel BB Machine Gun $925

Umarex EBOS 4.5mm Steel BB Machine Gun $225

Umarex SG9000 4.5mm Steel BB Shotgun $175

Umarex Steel Storm 4.5mm Steel BB Gun $100


Umarex EBOS 4.5mm Steel BB Full Auto Fun

Perhaps the last of my 4.5mm Steel BB Dull Auto Fun Video? We'll see? Today I take out my Umarex EBOS (Electric Burst of Steel) 8 Round Burst BB Machine Gun and again take aim at a bunch of clay pigeons I set up 30 feet away. Even thought the EBOS does not have the highest rate of fire with only 500 rounds per minute, it does get the job done because it stays true on target and really proved to be very accurate allowing me to even trim off the smallest bits of clay pigeon stuck in the edges of the holders.

The rate of fire on the Umarex E.B.O.S. almost reminds me of what you would hear or expect from an AK 47 type machine gun.

Near the end of this video I try my luck at shooting some of the clay pigeons out of the air shotgun style but failed horribly :( Perhaps I should give by modified 1200 rounds per minute Drozd Blackbird a go at it :)

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Umarex EBOS CO2 BB Machine Gun Review

Type: CO2 BB Machine gun.
Manufacturer: UmarexUSA.
Model: EBOS. (Electronic Burst Of Steel)
Materials: Plastic (polymer) and some metal construction.
Weight: 2.95 pounds.
Barrel: 9.75 inches, metal non-rifled.
Propulsion: CO2 x 1 (88 gram).
Action: Semi/Full auto 1-4-8 shot burst, electronic trigger motor driven.
Ammunition Type: 4.5mm BB's
Ammunition Capacity: 360-400round hopper with 24 shot internal spring fed magazine.
FPS: 540 (single shot).
Trigger Pull: The trigger on the Umarex EBOS is electronic so it does not have any real distinct break point or resistance to it. It is essentially a switch that actives a motor and the motor operates the CO2 valve. It works very well and even in single fire mode you can fire very quickly, almost as fast as when shooting in 500 rounds per minute mode but with a lot more effort from the user!

Accuracy: I shot this CO2 BB Machine gun at a target from 30 feet away using my EOTech Styled Red-Green Dot Tactical Scope in a semi rested standing position, and it performed excellent getting a little over a 1 inch grouping fairly centered on target. I also performed my accuracy test in full auto 8 round burst mode and although the grouping did get a bit larger, the EBOS still stayed well on target. I decided to use a partially used 88 gram CO2 cartridge to see what the EBOS could do in a very real world Feet Per Second test and I was able to get a 481 fps average 8 shot result which was very good considering I was well into the CO2 tank at that point. On a brand new CO2 cartridge, attaining the maximum claimed fps rating is very achievable.
Build Quality: The EBOS is an almost all external polymer air gun with some metal components on the inside. For the most part it feels solid and has good weight especially when you load up the 88 gram CO2 tank and slap on a Red Dot and a couple other accessories. Everything seemed to operate as you would expect and I especially liked the easy access to the CO2 and well designed rear stock which conceals the CO2 cartridge very nicely. My only concern with the EBOS is the front barrel which protrudes out from the EBOS a bit and because it is made of plastic, it may be prone to breakage in the event of a drop directly onto the barrel.

Realism: The Umarex EBOS BB machine gun doesn't closely look like any specific Tactical rifle, but does have that very assault rifle look to it. It almost looks to me like something from a Science Fiction movie!
Supplied by UmarexUSA - Can be purchased in the Replica Airguns Store


  • Inexpensive full featured BB machine gun at just over $100.
  • Very good accuracy in all shooting modes.
  • Excellent power - right around the 500 fps mark even on a well used CO2.
  • Uses the 88 gram CO2 - you're going to need it!
  • Has two rails for accessories and comes with the fore-grip.
  • I liked the high 8 round full auto burst option.
  • Nice stock design and easy CO2 access.
  • 10 out of 10 on the fun factor.


  • The all plastic exterior may put off some people looking for a heavier more metal gun.
  • 88 Gram CO2 can be a bit pricy, not as cost effective as 12 gram CO2.
  • The rear sight was way to wide - it is the first thing to replace or upgrade.
  • The plastic barrel worries me just a bit in the event of a fall?

The Umarex EBOS is a really - really fun BB gun! That should almost be enough right there to buy it on the spot as it's not all that expensive all thing considered! The EBOS has a lot going for it, nice high up to 540 fps velocities, very good accuracy for a BB shooter even in full auto mode, a high capacity CO2 and BB feeding system, versatile shooting selection (1-4-8 shot burst) and (300-400-500 rounds per minute), the ability to add accessories top and bottom and a price tag that is very reasonable. Unfortunately this Umarex product is not that readily available here in Canada because the scary 540 FPS rating on the box, but for you non-Canadians, you're in luck so make sure to think about us Canucks when your spraying BB's with the Umarex EBOS.

Watch my YouTube Video Review of the Umarex EBOS CO2 BB Machine gun:

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Umarex EBOS CO2 BB Machine Gun - Gone Tactical

My recently acquired (Thanks UmarexUSA) Umaerx EBOS CO2 BB Machine Gun was just screaming for some add-ons and to be honest the first thing that I noticed was the open sights really needed upgrading. Luckily the rear sight is removable allowing you to mount just about any type of Red Dot Scope or sighting system you want, just make sure it is high enough to see up and over the front BB hopper.

I decided to go with an EOTech Styled Red-Green Dot Tactical Scope and I have to tell you this guns looks awesome with it installed!

I finished off the look with an unobtrusive Tactical Rail Mount Flashlight. All in all I think I spent about as much if not more on accessories for this gun as it is worth to buy :)

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Umarex EBOS CO2 BB Machine Gun Arrives

Look what arrived in the mail today :)

This one was provided to me by UmarexUSA for Review along with my Umarex Walther SG9000 BB Shotgun that I just reviewed and also the very nice Umarex S&W M&P 45 Pellet and BB  Pistol that I have yet to review.

I hope to review the EBOS sometime next week. Basically the Umarex EBOS is a CO2 powered 1-4-8 shot burst machine gun that uses an electrically powered trigger system in conjunction with an 88 gram CO2 Power-source to hurl BB's at just over 500 FPS downrange. Should be fun!

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