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ASG Dan Wesson 6 inch Silver & 8 Inch Black Pellet Revolver Field Test Review

I have already done a Table Top Review for the Dan Wesson 6 inch Silver & 8 inch Black Pellet Revolvers so make sure to check that review out if you are interested in some close up video of these two ASG Pellet Revolvers, I also include the specifications for both CO2 Pistols.

You may also want to take a peek at my head to head test between the Dan Wesson 8 Inch and Umarex S&W 327 4.5mm Steel BB versions as a comparison between Pellet and BB performance using similar Airguns.

So getting back to this ASG Dan Wesson 6 inch Silver & 8 Inch Black Pellet Revolver Field Test Review, how did they perform? Well not that well in my books, the fps performance was just way too low and way too inconsistent, with a 6 shot Chronograph Test I got an average fps of 259 for the 6 inch and 188 for the 8 inch, that's right the longer barrel revolver actually performed worse! My explanation is that just not enough CO2 is being released by the CO2 valve to get the heavier and more snug lead pellets to a high enough velocity. And having a longer barrel is actually creating more resistance slowing down the lead pellets. If more CO2 was introduced, more expansion would take place which would take full advantage of the longer barrel.

Once I setup 30 feet back for my paper target testing, I kind of had a felling that I was not going to see great results, pellets moving inconsistent around 200 fps are not going to shoot as accurately as more consistent pellets traveling at 300+ fps. The variation in velocity from both Dan Wesson Pellet Revolvers I was getting really effected the elevation of the pellets landing on the target. Because of teh slow velocity of the pellets, there was a really long delay between shooting the gun and the actual pellets hitting the target, I could even hear variations in this delay as the fps fluctuated up and down :(

I did want to mention that the temperature was not overly warm on my test day but I did keep both guns nice and warm inside prior to my testing them, on a hotter day there would be a slight increase in fps performance but not a radical one that would make a huge difference.

If you are wondering if perhaps the problem may be due to the CO2 I used or my Pellet selection? ASG was kind enough to send me some of their CO2 and Diablo approved Pellets to use for this Field Test Shooting Review.

To be perfectly honest, I would rather shoot the Steel BB version of the Dan Wesson Revolvers since they performed much better in terms of feet per second velocity and target accuracy. Even loading the BB versions is much easier and quicker for more time spent shooting.

I generally like to focus more on the good and less on the bad when it comes to the guns I review and sure the Dan Wesson Pellet Revolvers are really sexy Airguns but when it comes to actual shooting results I was disappointed with them. I think ASG needs to take another look at their Dan Wesson Pellet Revolver design and perhaps work on some higher fps and more consistent fps performance.

Watch my Full YouTube ASG Dan Wesson 6 inch Silver & 8 Inch Black Pellet Revolver Field Test Review:

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ASG Dan Wesson 6 inch Silver & 8 inch Black Pellet Revolver Table Top Review

Type: Pellet air Revolvers.
Manufacturer: ASG.
Model: Dan Wesson 6 and 8 inch Pellet.
Materials: Mostly Metal Design.
Weight: 2.25 - 2.3 pounds.
Barrel: Metal rifled (6 Inch Sliver - 8 Inch Black).
Propulsion: CO2 x 1.
Action: Revolver, single and double action.
Ammunition Type: .177 caliber pellets.
Ammunition Capacity: 6 rounds.
FPS: 426+.

Trigger Pull: The ASG Dan Wesson Pellet Revolvers have predictable triggers with the single action being a bit more consistent since the take up is short, and the release is fairly light. Double action mode is very usable without a lot of extra pressure required. I found I just wanted to shoot this gun in single action mode because it felt more natural being that it is a six shooter.You also want to take your time shooting since loading the pellets into each shell and then the shells into the cylinder takes a bit of time.

Accuracy: This is yet to be determined since I have not to date had the opportunity to get outside and shoot these Pellet firing Dan Wesson's. Based on the exceptional results I got shooting my Dan Wesson Steel BB versions from 30 feet away, I should be abel to crack an inch or two 6 round grouping if my shooting is on. In terms of fps performance, ASG claims the pellet versions to shoot around the same velocity as the steel BB versions. With that in mind, this should give the Pellet shooting Dan Wesson's the advantage for raw power, since the lead pellets are heavier than steel 4.5mm BB's.

Build Quality: Like the entire Dan Wesson Revolver line from ASG, the pellet series is no exception and the fit and finish is very good. Most of the revolver is metal with the exception of the grips which are a plastic with a bit of a rubberized texture to them. The modified rifled barrels are made out of hardened steel and similarly so are portions of the newly designed pellet loading shells. Overall these are improvements to the quality of the Pellet shooting Dan Wesson Revolvers over the BB and Airsoft Dan Wessons.

Realism: The ASG Dan Wesson revolvers are as close as you can get to a real six shooter. Loading and ejecting actual shells into the cylinder makes you feel like this gun is much more then an unassuming airgun! If you want that real revolver experience than a shell loading Dan Wesson is the way to go, and the addition of a rifled barrel and lead pellets to the Pellet firing version should make the shooting experience even better.
Purchased From: The Replica Airguns Store.


  • It's a revolver with actual shells! Gives you the feeling of a real 6 shooter.
  • Almost all metal design.
  • Lots of detail in this gun, very well made, fit and finish is very good.
  • Should have good power and good accuracy. Even better than the BB versions!
  • Adjustable rear sight for windage and elevation.
  • Barrel and shell redesign are a big improvement over the BB shooting versions.


  • Has a plastic CO2 screw tab.
  • Loading pellets does take longer than the BB versions.
  • May use more CO2 per shot than the BB versions because of heavier ammo. 

Since I can't comment too much on the shooting experience these Pellet Dan Wessons will offer, I can say I am impressed with how ASG did the redesign of the inner barrel and pellet loading shells. It is obvious that ASG didn't just grab some parts of the shelf and quickly modify a BB version to shoot Pellets. ASG did it right and you can see the new adapted parts are of high quality and are even an improvement over the BB versions in many ways. On paper the Pellet shooting Dan Wesson's should be more accurate especially out at further ranges than the BB shooting Dan Wesson's and the Pellet versions should also hit the target with more force since they shoot a heavier projectile at around the same fps as the 4.5mm Steel BB version.

My YouTube Video Review for these Dan Wesson Pellet shooting Revolvers:

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ASG Dan Wesson Pellet and Gletcher TT and P08 Update Preview Video

Yes! Some new guns for you, and that's always a good thing for everyone, especially me since I get to play with them! I have been waiting a while to get my hands on some of the .177 caliber pellet shooting versions of the Dan Wesson Revolvers. I was actually introduced to them nearly a year ago at the last SHOT Show back in January of 2014! That's a long wait for sure...

The Pellet version Dan Wesson's look really good, the quality of the pellet shells is top notch and even the redesigned inner rifled barrels look to be very high quality. ASG did not just do a quick part swap, they really though out how they wanted everything to fit together. I am looking forward to seeing how well they shoot and will be Field Testing them both together so we can see how the barrel lengths play an effect on power and accuracy.

Next up we have two Gletcher pistols, both are classic semi auto shooters from the past, the Gletcher TT which is a Replica of the Russian Tokarev, and the Gletcher P08 which is a Luger copy. Both pistols are blowback and shoot 4.5mm Steel BB's.

Both pistols incorporate single action only triggers, metal stick magazines and working safeties, a real steel Tokarev normally would not have a safety other than the half cock hammer, Gletcher added in a discreet switch style safety on the right side of their TT. Again, I look forward to shooting both of these blowback pistols as soon as the weather picks up!

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SHOT Show Vegas 2014 ASG Booth

I also visited my friends at the ASG booth but for some reason I did not get a photo  of their booth? I do have some video walk through stuff I will show you in my YouTube Video coverage of this years Vegas SHOT Show. Most importantly I have lots of gun photos so let's take a look at them...

One of my favorite ASG pistols is the Bersa BP9CC, I have already reviewed it and I just really like how this gun looks and holds, ASG took it one step further this year by adding a two-tone silver version and I have to say it looks awesome in person, my photos do not do it justice at all :(

A new handgun to the ASG blowback pistol series is the CZ P-09 Duty Pellet pistol. Basically it shares similar mechanics to the Umarex PX4 and Gamo PT-85 using the double sided rotary pellet magazine with 8 shots located on each end of the stick magazine. The ASG CZ P-09 Duty features a metal slide, working hammer and safety.

Another pellets pistol that should be very familiar to most of you is the new .177 caliber pellet shooting Dan Wesson in 6 inch silver and 8 inch black versions. ASG added a rifled barrel and redesigned solid brass shells that hold pellets instead of 4.5mm Steel BB's. Expect to take a little bit longer to reload the pellets as unscrewing the tip of each shell is required to place a .177 caliber pellet in each bullet tip.

Of course ASG has tons of licensed pistols to choose from, many on both 4.5mm Steel BB and 6mm Plastic Airsoft!

One new rifle that stood out to me was the ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 AEG Airsoft Rifle, the Scorpion features an intelligent AEG system that detects when there may be a potential feeding problem and also when the magazine is out of ammo.