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Crosman C51 - SHOT Show 2012

I thought the Crosman C51 was dead, it was expected to be released back in the summer of 2011 but it got delayed and then word came out that it was dropped! But then to my surprise I saw it on display at this years SHOT Show and after a few questions it looks like it is back on the table as a new product for 2012.

This is great news because I have to say this is a very well made pistol all around very realistic. It has excellent weight to it, especially in the slide and it has a floating barrel with full blowback action and a single action trigger. You will also be happy to hear it has a full drop out metal magazine and seems to be designed like many of the 6mm Airsoft blowback airguns. 

I am really looking forward to getting my hands  on this air pistol!

Enjoy the photos - I took lots :)

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Day One of the SHOT Show 2012!

The SHOT Show is out of this world! You really need a week to check it all out or perhaps a clone of yourself... I barely touched the surface today. I did make sure I had a chance to checkout both Umarex and Crosman, I also made it to some other booths, but I will touch on them later in another post. There is enough information I can share with you from Crosman and Umarex to keep you drooling for now.

In short, here is what is new...

Crosman is bringing back the C51 Glock inspired Blowback BB pistol that we all thought was dead and I have to say it looks really really nice - more to come on this one. Crosman also has the new C*TT BB pistol that looks to be a blowback pistol replica of the Russian Tokarev. I also saw a very nice looking two tone version of the M4-177 and there may just be a Canadian detuned under 500 fps version on the way? Crosman is also introducing a really well made Nitro Piston air pistol called the Benjamin Trail NP that looks to be a very well made break barrel spring piston air pistol that shoots in the 500 fps neighbourhood.

Umarex also had some new items, one of which at first glance looks a lot like the Crosman C41 P38 replica but I have to say it has more going for it with a locking slide, licensed trade marks, true single action and overall just a more realistic version of the real P38. Umarex is also bringing the Smith & Wesson 327 TRR8 BB Revolver to North America, which is very similar to the Dan Wesson line but with extra rails on the top and bottom of the barrel. Umarex is also adding a couple Browning based air guns, one is a low fps Browning Buck Mark copy which is a break barrel .177 caliber pellet shooter targeted for the beginner target shooter and also a Browning High Power replica. One last BB pistol many people have been asking for is the Beretta 90 Two BB pistol and it looks like it has landed in North America finally!

Make sure to check back for some more photos and more info on all these guns...

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Crosman Introduces the C51 Blowback 4.5mm CO2 BB Pistol

Crosman introduced the Crosman C51, their latest Blowback CO2 BB pistol in 4.5mm - .177 caliber. It looks a lot like a Glock or perhaps the Umarex SA177, nevertheless it looks like a nice gun!

I don't have too much on it just yet for specifications other than it takes up to 20 - 4.5mm steel BB's, uses a standard 12 gram CO2 cartridge, and of course is a blowback operated gun with a metal slide and polymer frame.

I'll let you know more when I know more...

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