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Crosman C41 CO2 BB Pistol (Walther P38) Added to the Store

If you love the early war guns then this one will interest you for sure. This Crosman All Metal P38-ish looking replica may not be licensed but it does look the part of the Walther P38.

The Crosman C41 pistol features alloy construction that gives it a realistic weight and feel to a real firearm. A medium framed pistol, the C41 has ambidextrous checkered grips and is modeled after some of the famous German pistols the Walther P38.  Powered by a Powerlet® 12 gram CO2 cartridge, with muzzle velocities up to 495 fps, the C41 has an 18 round all metal spring fed drop out magazine that ensures accurate BB feeding with every shot. An easy slide grip guarantees quick CO2 replacement resulting in less downtime and more time on the range. Rear notch and front blade sights ensure accurate shots every time.
  • 4.5mm Steel BB's
  • CO2 Powered
  • 18 shot drop out magazine
  • 495 fps
  • 2 pounds
  • 5.1 inch steel rifled barrel
  • Double action only
  • Styled after the Walther P38

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Day One of the SHOT Show 2012!

The SHOT Show is out of this world! You really need a week to check it all out or perhaps a clone of yourself... I barely touched the surface today. I did make sure I had a chance to checkout both Umarex and Crosman, I also made it to some other booths, but I will touch on them later in another post. There is enough information I can share with you from Crosman and Umarex to keep you drooling for now.

In short, here is what is new...

Crosman is bringing back the C51 Glock inspired Blowback BB pistol that we all thought was dead and I have to say it looks really really nice - more to come on this one. Crosman also has the new C*TT BB pistol that looks to be a blowback pistol replica of the Russian Tokarev. I also saw a very nice looking two tone version of the M4-177 and there may just be a Canadian detuned under 500 fps version on the way? Crosman is also introducing a really well made Nitro Piston air pistol called the Benjamin Trail NP that looks to be a very well made break barrel spring piston air pistol that shoots in the 500 fps neighbourhood.

Umarex also had some new items, one of which at first glance looks a lot like the Crosman C41 P38 replica but I have to say it has more going for it with a locking slide, licensed trade marks, true single action and overall just a more realistic version of the real P38. Umarex is also bringing the Smith & Wesson 327 TRR8 BB Revolver to North America, which is very similar to the Dan Wesson line but with extra rails on the top and bottom of the barrel. Umarex is also adding a couple Browning based air guns, one is a low fps Browning Buck Mark copy which is a break barrel .177 caliber pellet shooter targeted for the beginner target shooter and also a Browning High Power replica. One last BB pistol many people have been asking for is the Beretta 90 Two BB pistol and it looks like it has landed in North America finally!

Make sure to check back for some more photos and more info on all these guns...

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Crosman C41 CO2 BB Pistol Review - Walther P38 Replica

Type: BB Air Pistol.
Manufacturer: Crosman.
Model: C41.
Materials: Metal & plasctic.
Weight: 2 pounds.
Barrel: 5.19 inches, metal non-rifled.
Propulsion: CO2 x1 (12 gram).
Action: Semi auto double action only.
Ammunition Type: 4.5mm steel BB's.
Ammunition Capacity: 18 rounds.
FPS: 495.
Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the Crosman C42 is surprisingly good for a double action only airgun, it is a tad bit long but the extra length seems to smooth out the trigger pull giving the C41 a light yet predictable trigger pull.
Accuracy: This BB shooter out of the box did not do very well! It did get better over time and I was able to get closer to a 2 inch grouping from 20 feet out in a free standing position. My Crosman C41 had a noticeable amount of oil on the magazine when I got it and if this oil came from the internal parts of the gun, the oil could most certainly effect accuracy and feet per second ratings. I also noticed that the FPS seemed to increase over time which is contradictory to how CO2 generally performs. (Usually FPS lowers as the CO2 gets used up and the gun cools down)

Build Quality: This is a relatively inexpensive air gun to purchase, in most cases an airgun in this price range will be mostly made out of plastic but the C41 is the other way around and is almost all metal! It isn't an overly complicated gun with a lot of moving parts other than the slide and trigger so to speak, but that means there is less to go wrong. This gun is very rugged with the exception of the handle which seems a bit loose but I doubt will cause any problems down the road.
Realism: Although the Crosman C41 is not advertised as a Walther P38 Replica nor is it licensed in any way, it does very closely resemble the Walther P38 semi auto 9mm pistol used in the Second World War. There are some slight differences but overall it is a close copy to the German Walther P38.
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  • Low price for an all metal gun.
  • Very solid feeling gun.
  • Nice all metal drop out magazine.
  • Nice combination of FPS and accuracy.
  • Excellent CO2 efficiency - over 150 shots per CO2!
  • Not too many World War Two Replicas - nice version of the German Walther P38.
  • CO2 and CO2 tab are nicely hidden.
  • Nice smooth trigger pull for a double action only gun.


  • Not a lot of working parts (left side safety and hammer molded into gun).
  • Grips are fairly lose, they don't really snap into open or closed position all that well.
  • FPS did't get that close to the factory claim of 495 FPS - but was increasing over time.
  • Handle may be a bit thick for smaller hands?

The Crosman C41 has an excellent combination of FPS, Accuracy and CO2 efficiency with an amazing 150 plus shots per CO2. It is also one of the few older styled replicas available, closly replicating the German made Walther P38 9mm semi auto pistol used in the Second World War making it a great addition to any airgun collection. The Crosman C41 is a very good overall airgun for the money giving you pretty much an all metal airgun that should give you years of enjoyment.

My YouTube Video Review of the Walther P38 looking Crosman C41:

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Crosman C41 and PRO77 CO2 BB Air Pistol Preview

Crosman Corporation sent me two CO2 BB guns for review and like my recently received Umarex Air guns I thought I would make a quick Preview Video before I go into detail with them and make the full Review videos.

The two guns given to me by Crosman for review are the Crosman C41 Walther P38 BB Gun Replica and the Crosman PRO77 Blowback CO2 BB Pistol. I also quickly show you another Crosman pistol - the Crosman 1377 American Classic that I recently purchased from myself  "The Replica Airguns Store".

A few highlights worth mentioning about each air gun:

  • The Crosman C41 is an all metal gun weighing in at close to 3 pounds!
  • The Crosman C41 has a high fps of 495fps and should also do very well in the accuracy department.
  • The PRO77 is a metal and polymer airgun with heavy blowback operation.
  • The PRO77 is a single action only gun with a working hammer.
  • The Crosman 1377 American Classic is a .177 caliber pellet pistol capable of up to 499fps
  • The Crosman 1377 is extremely accurate and can be modified a number of different ways with parts readily available for this very fine target air pistol.

Take a quick look at these three Crosman products in my YouTube video:



Crosman C41 Arrives for Review

I go t a few new guns today, one of which was a Crosman C41 which is basically a Walther P38 replica. This new gun was provided compliments of Crosman Corporation! Yes I am moving up in the world just a tad ;)

I plan to do a full review of this nice historic BB shooting replica, you can also pick this Walther P38 replica up in the Replica Airguns Store!

Here are some basic specifications:

  • 4.5mm Steel BB's
  • 18 round magazine
  • 12 gram CO2
  • Double action only trigger
  • 5.19 inch steel barrel
  • 495 fps
  • 2.8 pounds
  • Fixed sights
  • Moving slide
  • Mostly metal construction

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