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ASG CZ Scorpion VZ61 & B&T BT5 AEG 6mm Airsoft Gun Shooting Update

I've already done Table Top Video Review for both the ASG CZ Scorpion VZ61 and the ASG B&T BT5 AEG 6mm Airsoft Guns so make sure to checkout both those videos.

What I hav not done so far is make a Filed Test Shooting video for either gun since this winter has been rather brutal here in BC Canada. Today I did manage to get outside and put some rounds through both the ASG CZ Scorpion VZ61 and the ASG B&T BT5 AEG 6mm Airsoft Guns so at least I can report back to everyone on how they performed for me. Sorry still no actual shooting video as my outside time was kind of limited due to it still being cold, we are even expecting some more snow tonight and over the next few days and it's March!

Getting back to my preliminary shooting testing, the ASG CZ Scorpion VZ61 only shot a slight bit higher then 250 but it was the more accurate of the two AEG Airsoft Guns getting close to a 1 inch 10 shot grouping using my standard 30 foot back semi rested shooting position. It did shoot a bit low but perhaps  a hop-up adjustment should fix that problem.

Next up I tested out the ASG B&T BT5 MP5 PDW Replica and it did have a little more power hitting closer to 300 fps but it was not as accurate as the CZ shooting a bit high and to the left with most shots within about 1.5 inches, still pretty decent from 30 feet back.

Overall both AEG Airsoft Guns where fun to shoot and when I did let them lose to shoot in full auto mode they performed as expected laying down a stream of Airsoft BB's till the mags where empty :)


ASG B&T BT5 PDW 6mm AEG Airsoft Gun Table Top Review

Type: AEG Airsoft Gun.
Distributer: ASG.
Model: B&T BT5 PDW
Materials: Metal and plastic (polymer) construction.
Weight: 5.3pounds (2400 grams).
Length: Open 24.8 inches (630mm) - Closed 15.6 inches (395mm).
Propulsion: AEG.
Action: Semi and full auto.
Ammunition Type: 6mm Airsoft BB's
Ammunition Capacity: 100 round magazine.
FPS: 312+.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the ASG B&T BT5 PDW 6mm AEG Airsoft Gun is what you would expect from most AEG Airsoft guns since it is basically an on off switch for the electric circuit. It is fairly light and relatively short. As with most AEG Airsoft guns there is a noticeable sight delay from the time you press the trigger till the gun actually fires a BB since the electric motor must first pull the spring plunger back and then release it to fire a round. Higher output batteries will make this less noticeable since the electric motor will run much quicker.

Accuracy: At this point I have not yet tested the ASG B&T BT5 PDW 6mm AEG Airsoft Gun so I do not have any Chronograph fps velocity or paper target accuracy information to provide to you. I plan on performing my Field Test Shooting Review fairly soon so stay posted for that.

Build Quality: The ASG B&T BT5 PDW 6mm AEG Airsoft Gun is a Chinese made Airsoft gun but I have to say it looks and feels really well built in general. I would say easily as good as any Taiwanese gun I have come across! The fit and finish both are excellent and there is a ton of metal in this gun including the main frame, sights, but plate, charging handle, barrel extension, sling mount and magazine release.

Realism: The ASG B&T BT5 PDW 6mm AEG Airsoft Gun is is very true to scale, size and weight to that of the real steel MP5 PDW as far as I can tell without actually having a real MP5 PDW in my hands . I am pretty sure Brügger & Thomet does not actually have an MP5 version in their product lineup or as this ASG model is named BT5 rather than MP5? That said the ASG B&T BT5 PDW 6mm AEG Airsoft Gun is really simply a replica of an HK MP5 PDW and based on that, it's really close in almost every way.
Can be purchased from: The Canada Replica Airguns Store.


  • Lots of metal parts for good overall weight and feel.
  • Semi and full auto selectable.
  • Comes with battery and charger.
  • Folding stock.
  • Adjustable rear metal sight.
  • Working Cocking Handle
  • B&T Licensed.


  • No blowback.
  • Does not come with rail clamp.
  • Would of liked a longer higher capacity magazine.
  • Mine had the wrong charger.

I am really looking forward to performing my Field Test Shooting review for the ASG B&T BT5 PDW 6mm AEG Airsoft Gun and hope it performs as good as it looks and feels. I really like my 4.5mm Steel BB Umarex HK MP5K PDW but find it to be a little bit on the lighter side since it is mostly plastic. The ASG B&T BT5 PDW 6mm AEG Airsoft Gun fixes that problem with it's mostly metal build and I also get the added benefit  of having full auto that is missing from the Umarex version.

Watch my YouTube Table Top Review of the ASG B&T BT5 PDW 6mm AEG Airsoft Gun:

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ASG Product Update Preview Video March 2015

In this preview Update YouTube Video I take a quick look at the following ASG Airsoft and BB Guns...

ASG Marsushin Deringer Chrome Gas Airsoft Pistol:

  • Ammo Capacity: 2
  • Green Gas
  • Weight: 215 gram (.5 pounds)
  • Power: 77 m/s (252 fps)
  • Plastic Frame / Metal Grips

ASG MK2 Dual Tone CO2 Airsoft Pistol:

  • Ammo Capacity: 15
  • 12 Gram CO2
  • Weight: 790 gram (1.8 pounds)
  • Power: 127 m/s (417 fps)
  • Metal and Plastic

ASG CZ 75 CO2 Blowback BB Pistol:

  • Ammo Capacity: 17
  • 12 Gram CO2
  • Weight: 950 gram (2.1 pounds)
  • Power: 95 m/s (312 fps)
  • Mostly Metal

ASG US Marine MEU Limited 1911 Gas Blowback Pistol:

  • Ammo Capacity: 15
  • Gas Blowback
  • Weight: 1020 gram (2.3 pounds)
  • Power: 86 m/s (283 fps)
  • Mostly Metal

ASG CZ Scorpion VZ61 AEG Airsoft Machine Pistol:

  • Ammo Capacity: 58
  • Electric AEG
  • Weight: 1220 gram (2.7 pounds)
  • Power: 81 m/s (266 fps)
  • Metal and Plastic

ASG BT5 PDW AEG Aisoft Rifle:

  • Ammo Capacity: 100
  • Electric AEG
  • Weight: 2400 gram (5.3 pounds)
  • Power: 95 m/s (310 fps)
  • Metal and Plastic

ASG Franchi SAS 12 Pump Action Airsoft Shotgun:

  • Ammo Capacity: 30 (3 Shot Burst)
  • Spring Pump
  • Weight: 1200 gram (2.7 pounds)
  • Power: 85 m/s (279 fps)
  • Metal and Plastic