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WE AWSS SCAR-L - 6mm Airsoft Rifle Field Test Review

If you have not already read my Table Top review for the WE SCAR-L, then make sure to check it out for specifications and an overall review of this very nice Blowback Airsoft rifle.

This Field Test review kind of baffled me, I was surprised with almost everything about it. Initially when I got my WE SCAR, I tested it out with one of my CO2 mags and got some pretty decent results not only in FPS performance but also in the accuracy department, I got around 400+fps and a nice 2 inch group from 30 feet out in a semi-rested position.


So when I headed out to record my Field Test, I was expecting some decent results! I'm not going to say this gun let me down but it did perform radically different for me on this day then the previous day and the only real difference is that I did a complete filed strip, clean and lube of the Airsoft rifle which in my opinion should of improved things but I guess not?

The most surprising realization I had was that with CO2 (as compared to the Propane), I did notice a heavier blowback and faster rate of fire in full auto but for some reason I had less velocity by almost 100fps when compared to using my Propane magazine? And my accuracy suffered also by an amazing amount. Some rounds had trouble even getting on the paper?

I will revisit this rifle in the summer, I think I will strip it down and wipe it down and perhaps redo this test entirely! I still love this Airsoft blowback rifle for so many reasons but on this day at least it came up a bit short for me.

My YouTube Video Field Test Review for the WE AWSS SCAR-L - SCAR Type Rifle:


WE AWSS SCAR-L - 6mm Airsoft Rifle Table Top Review

Make sure to also watch my Field Test Review for the WE SCAR-L!

Type: Airsoft.
Manufacturer: WE.
Model: AWSS SCAR-L Generation 3 Closed Bolt (Tan).
Materials: Metal & Polymer.
Weight: 6.9 pounds.
Barrel: 11.5 inches, metal.
Propulsion: Green-gas - propane - CO2
Action: Semi/full auto, single action.
Ammunition Type: 6mm Plastic BB.
Ammunition Capacity: 30 round magazine.
FPS: 450.
Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the WE SCAR is very short and light. You can shoot this gun very quickly, that is after you recover from the very heavy blowback action you can really feel in your shoulder.

Accuracy: I thought I would test this Airsoft rifle just like I do my other BB guns, why put it in a class by it's self? So I put about 10 rounds into a target from 30 feet out using a semi rested position (sand bag in the front - standing in the rear). I was using a non magnified red dot so there was going to be some variance on the target from that range no doubt. When I walked up to the paper I was rather stunned as this Airsoft rifle shooting .25 gram plastic BB's got a 2 inch 10 round grouping! This makes for an awesome plinker - Airsoft or not!

Build Quality: The WE AWSS SCAR is very well made with a full CNC Aluminum Upper, all steel internals and very high quality polymer lower receiver and folding stock. As far as I could tell all the external mechanical parts are also metal including the trigger, selector switch magazine release, bolt catch release, charging handle. all accessory rails and sights and anything else I missed! The Magazine is also metal.

Realism: One thing about most Airsoft guns is the attention to realism and in this area they generally have the edge over their 4.5mm Steel BB shooting brothers. This WE SCAR copy is 100% true in design and even field strips exactly like the real NATO round firing version. It even has the true marking indicating "MK 16MOD O and CAL. 5.56 MM." on the upper receiver. Like the real SCAR, everything functions the same including the semi auto and full auto selector switch :)

Purchased From: Private sale.


  • Amazing attention to detail.
  • All CNC aluminium upper.
  • All metal internals and metal external mechanical parts.
  • Semi auto & full auto selectable.
  • Awesome blowback kick really hits you in the shoulder.
  • Field strips just like the real steal.
  • Nice high 400+ FPS even with .25 gram BB's
  • Extremely accurate for plastic BB's.
  • Full ambidextrous, even the charging handle can be switch side to side.
  • Can use propane or CO2 with the appropriate magazine.


  • Not cheap to buy in Canada.
  • Eats CO2 pretty quickly.
  • Because of heavy blowback, you need to check wear and tear on the parts often.
  • May be too powerful for skirmishes without some detuning.

This is really my first Airsoft review and for the most part my first real serious Airsoft gun. I do have a Crosman M50 (UZI copy) that I bought a while back and I will review it also but it was one of those Canadian see through guns that look like kids toys :( Getting back to the WE AWSS SCAR-L... I just love the design of this type of rifle, I even bought the almost exact same gun in a .22 rimefire - the ISSC MK22 SCAR, check that review out if you have are looking for  a .22LR gun. Again getting back to the WE AWSS SCAR-L!! It's got so much going for it. Quality, realism, performance, made by a reputable Airsoft company and as far as GBB Airsoft guns go it is well priced!

For those that like to skirmish or use these in Airsoft war games, they may want to go with the AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) version because they require less reloading and have more sustained FPS. But for me since I don't really do any Airsoft war games, well at least not yet? I kind of like the realism of the blowback with its kick and more realistic magazine capacities. Since I go after the most realistic guns I can get, this Airsoft rifle really speaks to me and just because it shoots a plastic BB rather then a metal BB, I really can't say it makes to much difference for what I'm shooting at anyways. I point it at stuff and the stuff gets knocked down and generally with the same hole in it my 4.5mm BB's would have made. Look forward to more Airsoft reviews in the future...

My YouTube Video Review for the WE AWSS SCAR-L - SCAR Type Rifle:

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WE AWSS SCAR-L - Airsoft Reviews Beginning...

This isn't an Airsoft review just yet but I will be reviewing the WE SCAR Gas Blowback 6mm Airsoft Rifle next week, I just purchased this one used from another fellow YouTuber "FuzzyDicePimp" who was gracious enough to sell me his.

You will have to bare with me a bit on this first review as I more experience with Airguns so I think my first Airsoft review may be a bit more of me comparing the WE AWSS SCAR-L to my airguns but then again I don't really have that many tactical rifle styled air guns to compare it to.

The WE SCAR I am reviewing is a generation 3 with the closed bolt system, it came with a gas magazine but I purchased a couple of CO2 mags as that is more what I am use to. So we will see if I can get a propane converter and I can do a comparison of the two magazines in my review.

My first impression of this gun is "WOW" FuzzyDicePimp sent it to me with some juice in the magazine so I shot a few rounds through it. I had some .12 gram 6mm Airsoft BB's lying around and I also had some 6mm steel ball bearings, both of these really seemed to shoot hard and the blowback on the WE SCAR is very solid.

Check back next week for more on this very nice Airsoft Rifle.

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