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ANT Advanced Novelty Tech FIRE CO2 HPA Conversion Kit Shooting Review

Make sure to watch my Table Top Review for all the Features and Specifications for the ANT Advanced Novelty Tech FIRE CO2 HPA Conversion Kit.

In this Field Test Shooting Video Review I compare using a standard 12 gram CO2 versus my ANT Advanced Novelty Tech FIRE CO2 HPA Conversion Kit with HPA (High Pressure Air).

To make this as comparable a test as possible I used two KWC/Gletcher Makarov Full Blowback Pistols each with their own separate magazine, again one with a 12 gram  CO2 and one using the ANT system.

HPA or High Presure Air is not effected by cold weather which makes this setup ideal for shooting in cold situations since fps is not effected at all. As CO2 requires heat to expand, the colder the outside temperature the less amount of expansion you get from the CO2 whihc results in less power, this is really noticeable on your follow-up magazines as the CO2, magazine and even the gun will have started to cool down from the CO2 exposure.

The ANT Advanced Novelty Tech FIRE CO2 HPA Conversion Kit even when using large 20 ounce CO2 tanks will help with the cool down effect since the large CO2 tanks will take much longer to cool down and even freeze up as compared to the smaller 12 gram CO2 which can get frosty even after the first magazine.

I did notice in this Field Test Shooting Review that the CO2 did pretty good as it was my first magazine and the temperature was not all that cold out. I can say the HPA System was shooting much harder, after making this video I popped off another couple magazine with each gun shooting out to at least 100 feet and the ANT FIRE HPA setup was really throwing the 4.5mm Steel BB's out there quickly. As expected the 12 gram CO2 mags really started to trail off especially on the third magazine of shots.

All in all, the ANT Advanced Novelty Tech FIRE CO2 HPA Conversion Kit will not only bring your cost per shot down significantly but it allows you to keep shooting with no down time waiting for your gun to warm back up and the ability to use HPA (High Pressure Air) means you will get even more fps performance out of your air guns but also much more consistent shot performance all day long!


ANT Advanced Novelty Tech FIRE CO2 HPA Conversion Kit Review

I reviewed the Original ANT (Advanced Novelty Tech) CO2 HPA Conversion Kit last year and did both a Table Top Review and Field Test Shooting Review, so make sure to check out my video reviews for the Original ANT Advanced Novelty Tech CO2 HPA Conversion Kit.

Well ANT (Advanced Novelty Tech) made an update model that supports a bunch more guns, that's a good thing of course. This new model is called the "FIRE" and it supports the following guns. I did find however that ANT list that the Gletcher NGT and Webley Mark VI Revolvers where supported by the FIRE but my findings indicated the CO2 screw on both these guns had a smaller diameter so they where not compatible. Other than that small discrepancy most of the other guns on their list should work just fine.

What exactly is the ANT Advanced Novelty Tech FIRE CO2 HPA Conversion Kit?

The Advanced Novelty Tech FIRE CO2/HPA Conversion Kit is a remote line adapter for Airsoft, BB, and pellet guns. Compatible with over 60 guns, it is easy to install and converts a compatible gun for use with a Paintball remote line and CO2 or HPA tank. Eliminating the need for disposable CO2 cartridges, while still being interchangeable with disposable CO2 cartridges, it delivers a longer, more powerful, and more consistent shooting experience between refills.

So what is the ANT Advanced Novelty Tech FIRE CO2 HPA Conversion Kit going to do for you?

  • Eliminate the need for the more expensive disposable 12 gram CO2 cartridges.
  • Use interchangeably with disposable 12 gram CO2 cartridges.
  • Use in conjunction with a Paintball remote line with standard quick disconnect fittings and a CO2 or HPA tank. (recommended use up to 1000 psi)
  • Shoot thousands of rounds before needing to refill your CO2.
  • Fits compatible Airsoft, BB, and pellet gun CO2 pistols.
  • Easy drop-in installation.
  • Overall cost savings.
  • More consistent FPS especially when shooting fast or in full auto.
  • Longer play time :)

I will be doing a Field Test Shooting Review for the ANT Advanced Novelty Tech FIRE CO2 HPA Conversion Kit but based on my experience with the Original ANT CO2 HPA Conversion Kit I expect it to work as advertised.


ANT Advanced Novelty Tech CO2 HPA Conversion Kit Shooting Test

Here is my full Field Test Shooting Performance Video Review for the ANT (Advanced Novelty Tech) CO2 HPA Conversion Kit.

Make sure to watch my Table Top Preview for the ANT CO2 HPA Conversion Kit where I talk more about the features and benefits of a Bulk Air system like this and show you exactly what you get in the package.

My main goal in this Shooting Performance Test was to see how the ANT Advanced Novelty Tech CO2 HPAConversion Kit performed side by side with a standard 12 gram CO2. Keep in mind that you can also switch over at any time to a regular 12 gram CO2 even after installing the ANT adaptor system in the gun or magazine.

My choice of Airgun for this test was the KWC - Cybergun Mini UZI Converted to Full Auto. I chose this Blowback 4.5mm CO2 BB Gun because it uses a lot of CO2 with each shot and when shooting in full auto it literally eats CO2. I knew this airguns would really put the ANT Advanced Novelty Tech CO2 HPA Conversion Kit to the test.

My first performance test was to comparing both systems using a Chronograph so I could see how the fps velocity slowed down because of the CO2 cool down effect. The 12 gram CO2 did pretty well emptying a full 25 round magazine but keep in mind I was shooting in semi auto only for the sake of using a Chronograph. I did notice a drop in velocity from a high of over 300 fps to a low of around 260. When I switched over to the Bulk CO2 ANT System and performed the same test the fps started out a bit lower but stayed pretty much about the same with a few ups and downs. The initial lower fps may have been a result of using separate magazines for each test since the valves in each magazine are most likely tuned a bit differently to let out more or less CO2 with each shot.

My second and most impressive test was to empty a full 25 round magazine in full auto mode! Again a started out using the standard 12 gram CO2 and to make this a real world test, I did not replace the 12 gram CO2 form the previous test. I figured 50 shots was a realist amount of shots to get from a single 12 gram CO2 and after all I was only shooting in semi auto which uses a lot less CO2 then shooting in full auto.

My KWC Blowback Mini UZI rocked pretty good using the 12 gram CO2 until it hit about a third the way through the magazine and then it stated to slow down and pretty much stop dead in its tracks with about 5-6 rounds still left in the magazine. The CO2 was all gone and I was left a bit unsatisfied :(

Without any significant break time to let my KWC Mini UZI warm up again, I switched over to the ANT Advanced Novelty Tech CO2 HPA Conversion Kit magazine and unloaded the full magazine in no time with no cycle rate slow down at all, even after the magazine was deprived of Steel BB's I kept squeezing the trigger and letting the blowback hammer my shoulder for several more satisfying bursts. Now that is what you expect from a full auto Blowback BB Machine gun!

In conclusion, when shooting in semi auto you will see better fps consistency using the ANT Advanced Novelty Tech CO2 HPA Conversion Kit but where this system really shines at least for me is I can shoot as fast as as long as I want and it will feel same as the very first shoot I take even when using a full auto system. No more switching out 12 gram CO2 every few magazines, just speed load some more BB's in and your good to go.


ANT Advanced Novelty Tech CO2 HPA Conversion Kit Preview

I was sent a really cool new product form a company called ANT (Advanced Novelty Tech). Their CO2/HPA Converter allows you to hook up either a large CO2 tank or High Pressure Air system using standard Paintball hose system.

What's kind of neat with the Advanced Novelty Tech CO2 HPA Conversion Kit, is that you can still interchange your 12 gram CO2 if you want to even after modifying your gun to use Bulk CO2 or HPA!

The ANT Advanced Novelty Tech CO2 HPA Conversion Kit works with well over 100 BB, Pellet and Airsoft guns most of which would be Pistols but some rifles are included in this list.

The main advantages over using standard 12 gram CO2 cartridges would be a significant lower cost for CO2, along with less fps velocity fall off, so better performance overall.

The Advanced Novelty Tech CO2 HPA Conversion Kit  is fairly easy to install and ANT even has some inctructional videos showing you how to do this.

Stay posted as I will be making a field test performance test using the ANT Advanced Novelty Tech CO2 HPA Conversion Kit with my KWC Mini UZI Full Auto BB Machine gun :)