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Umarex SA177 and 9XP Field Test Shooting Comparison Review

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I wanted to not only do my Field Test Shooting review for the Umarex 9XP Blowback CO2 BB Pistol but also compare it to the discontinued Umarex SA177 since both guns share most of their internal parts. I had a good idea that both airguns would perform very similarly with perhaps the newer 9XP having the edge due to it being almost 5 years newer.

A with all my current BB Pistol Field Test Shooting Reviews, I test out the real world Feet Per Second performance by shooting 5 rounds through my Chronograph to see what they average out at, of course I use a brand new CO2 for this and my choice of BB was RWS Zinc coated 5.1 grain Steel BB's.

I started out testing the Umarex SA177 to use as my baseline and after about 5 warmup shots, the SA177 came back to life after sitting on the shelf for many years un-shot. My 5 shot string averaged a respectable 397 fps which is pretty good for a blowback pistol!

I then moved on to the newer Umarex 9XP CO2 Blowback Pistol and right away it popped out all 5 shots at over 400 fps with an average of 412 for my 5 shot string. Not only was the Umarex 9XP more powerful but it also had a snappier blowback action and was louder than the SA177 leading me to believe the CO2 valve may be setup to let out a bit more CO2 with each shot.

Stepping back 30 feet from my paper target I proceeded to again first test out the Umarex SA177 for the accuracy portion of this field test. I used my standard semi rested shooting stance, (sand bag up front, standing in the back) since it offers me a pretty stable shooting platform. I generally like to shoot 10 rounds into the paper target but the SA177 for some reason was having some slide lock back issues and I lost a BB in the process. Later on when I reloaded my SA177 I did not have this same problem so I am not sure what was going on. Even though the slide was locking back on some shots it did not really seem to effect the accuracy all that much. I got a main grouping that was about 1.5 inches in diameter and then a couple shots went out of that group extending the diameter to about 2.5 to 3 inches. Still pretty good for a blowback pistol. The shots where fairly well centered on the target.

When I performed the same test using my Umarex 9XP, I did not have any slide lock back issues and was able to get all 10 shot on target although one mystery shot did not seem to make a hole at all even though I clearly heard it fire and hit the target, perhaps it went exactly through an already existing hole? Either way I had a nice 5-6 shot group dead center on the target well under a 1 inch diameter and then 4 shots came outside extending the grouping to about 2 inches, again another well centered grouping!

In conclusion the Umarex 9XP Blowback CO2 BB Pistol is a nice replacement for the SA177, it performs very similarly to the SA177, even perhaps a bit better! To me it felt like the trigger on the Umarex 9XP was a bit heavier than the SA177 but not by much? Maybe the 9XP hammer spring is heavier which would explain the increase in fps. SO if you have been wanting an SA177 but can not find one used, grab yourself one of the Umarex 9XP's, you will not be disappointed :)

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Umarex SA177 and 9XP Table Top Comparison Review

A few years back the Umarex SA177 disappeared off the face of the earth, well not really, it simply juts stopped being made and fairly quickly retailers ran out of stock... As with anything that people want but can not get any more, the demand went up and all of a sudden everyone seemed to want to get their hand on an Umarex SA177 Blowback BB Pistol.

You might ask why Umarex stopped making what at the time was a fairly popular CO2 BB Pistol? Well if you know anything about Glock, they do not like it all that much when a company makes a product that they feel infringes upon their intellectual properties and copy writes. Did the SA177 look like a Glock, well sure it had some similarities and perhaps Glock felt it was a bit too similar and so may have kindly asked Umarex to stop making it? At least that's what I think happened :)

So that brings us to now. And a new gun on the market called the Umarex 9XP that in many ways is a lot like the SA177 but with a slightly new skin on it, one that differentiates itself a bit more from the traditional Glock look. Sure the Umarex 9XP Blowback BB Pistol has a some Glock looking properties but it am guessing it has enough subtle changes to make the lawyers over at Glock HQ happy enough to allow Umarex to again sell an airgun very similar to the SA177.

Internally and mechanically as far as I can tell the Umarex SA177 and Umarex 9XP are the same and so they should both perform very similarly too each other and with pretty much all the same specifications. Even the magazines seem to be interchangeable! The trigger and trigger pull look to be identical and even the slide catch release are modeled after each other. Again, the only difference are some minor cosmetic changes to the metal slide and polymer frame.

So if you have been looking to get your hands on an SA177, well the next best or perhaps even better airgun is now available in the new Umarex 9XP! And the price is all right too!

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