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Kimar Mod. K 760 .177 Caliber Spring Piston Break Barrel Rifle Review

Type: Pellet air rifle.
Manufacturer: Kimar.
Model: K 760.
Materials: Metal & plastic.
Weight: About 3+ pounds.
Barrel: 14 inches, metal-rifled.
Propulsion: Spring piston.
Action: Single shot.
Ammunition Type: .177 caliber pellets.
Ammunition Capacity: 1 round.
FPS: 450.
Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the Kimar Model K 760 is a bit stiff but on a beginner gun I would recommend the trigger to be on the heavy side for safety reasons and also to teach correct trigger control. It did not seem to effect my shooting at all which was nice.
Accuracy: Very good, I was surprised at the tight group I got from a semi rested position and with open sights, I nearly got a 3/4 inch group from 30 feet out which is about the best I can expect from just about any gun I have shot in the same manner. The Kimar Model K 760 spring piston break barrel rifle also shot true to it's claimed feet per second rating and got right around the 450 fps velocity mark.

Build Quality: The Kimar K 760 .177 air rifle is not going to win any prizes for style or craftsmanship but it gets the job done and in about as simple a manner as is required. With that said, what can really go wrong with it?Crank the barrel and pull the trigger. The lack of a safety does not really bother me as I never ever trust a safety and it's always good to learn how to keep a gun safe at all times even when you "believe" it is not loaded or ready to shoot. There is some plastic found on the Kimar K 760 like in the sights and the stock but the mechanical parts are all metal including the trigger.

Purchased From: The Replica Airguns Store.


  • Inexpensive spring piston rifle.
  • Reasonable quality for the money.
  • Synthetic stock good in all elements.
  • I pump - 1 shot.
  • Decent FPS, could be used on small game with practice.
  • Very good accuracy even with open sights.
  • Adjustable rear sight for windage and elevation.
  • Very compact and easy cocking effort - good for younger shooters.
  • Made in Italy


  • Very basic design, no frills.
  • No safety or trigger adjustments.
  • No ability to mount a scope.

Coming in at around $50, you can not ask the world from the Kimar Mod. K 760 .177 Caliber Spring Piston Rifle! What you can ask for is for decent accuracy and usable fps, and that's exactly what you are going to get from the Kimar K 760. This break barrel air rifle is really perfect for a beginner shooter on a budget or even for someone who may want to pack it around in some ugly situations where you wouldn't want to subject your high priced top quality air rifle. For the money you really can't lose with this one!

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Kimar K 760 Compact Break Barrel Pellet Rifle Added to the Replica Airguns Store

Looking for an ultra compact, super inexpensive, Italian made air rilfe for target or small pest control? Look no further!

This brand new air Italian made rifle from Kimar in .177 caliber is an ideal first air rifle for plinking targets in the back yard and because of it's very compact size it is excellent for small or first time shooters. Don't assume it doesn't have any power? You get up to 450fps velocities which makes the Kimar K 760 useful for shooting small rodents.

The Kimar 760 is very inexpensive yet has a high quality finish on the synthetic stock and metal work and fires accurate groups from 15 meters out with its open sights which are adjustable for windage and elevation.

  • .177 pellets up to 450 FPS
  • Break barrel spring piston
  • Synthetic all weather stock
  • Adjustable rear sight for windage and elevation
  • Ultra compact
  • Made in Italy

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