Crosman American Classic P1322 22 Caliber Pellet Pistol Table Top Review

Type: Pellet Air Pistol.
Manufacturer: Crosman.
Model: P1322 American Classic.
Materials: Metal & plastic.
Weight: 2 pounds.
Barrel: 10.25 inches, metal rifled.
Propulsion: Multi-pump pneumatic, up to 10 pumps.
Action: Bolt-action single shot, single action only.
Ammunition Type: .22 caliber pellets.
Ammunition Capacity: 1 round.
FPS: 460.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the Crosman American Classic P1322 22 Caliber Pellet Pistol is non-adjustable but is short and fairly light with virtually no creep at all, it's just right there! The Crosman American Classic P1322 will allow for very accurate shot placement with only a little trigger time required to get use to the release tension required.
Accuracy: I found my Original Crosman 1377 (The .177 caliber version of this airgun) to be an amazing target pistol, getting about a 1/2 inch grouping from 30 feet out in a semi-rested position. And I even performed my accuracy test twice with the same result each time. In terms of fps performance, the Crosman American Classic P1322 22 Caliber Pellet Pistol is not required to be detuned for Canada importation so we should see very close to 460 fps even using heavier grain lead pellets! Make sure to look for my upcoming Field Test Shooting video for the Crosman American Classic P1322 22 Caliber Pellet Pistol.

Build Quality: The Crosman American Classic P1322 22 Caliber Pellet Pistol is not a fancy looking airgun but it gets the job done with a mostly all metal design and build. Remember this Croman configuration has been around since 1977 so about  40 years and has pretty much stayed the same so Crosman must be doing something right with the American Classic series if it has stood the test of time with very few changes to its design other than some cosmetics ones.
Realism: The Crosman P1322 American Classic Air Pistol is not a replica of any gun out there. The P1322 is made as a target airgun, so it looks like a target air pistol and is not expected to resemble a tradition real steel pistol of any sort.


  • Fairly inexpensive target pistol (under $100 Canadian - $79 US)
  • Know to be very accurate.
  • Ability to regulate power with the amount of pumps.
  • Mostly all metal construction.
  • Rifled steel barrel.
  • Adjustable rear sight.
  • Light single action trigger.
  • Would be good for small close shot pest control because of good FPS and good accuracy for shot placement ability.
  • Lots of mods and upgrades available for this series of Crosman Airguns.


  • The trigger is a bit thin (Can be upgraded).
  • Rear sight is adjustable but is hard to setup.
  • All black sights are hard to aim on darker targets.
  • Pumping is fairly firm and will take some time for max 10 pump power.

The Crosman American Classic P1322 22 Caliber Pellet Pistol is a bit of a sleeper target pistol. It has been around for a long time and for this reason can be overlooked. It also is a super flashy looking airgun that requires a bit of manual pumping to get to maximum power. There is also the kind of finicky sight setup required to get this air pistol to shoot on target. If you can put all that aside you have yourself a super accurate and rather powerful little target or even small pest control airgun for a lot less money than some other pellet target pistols out there. And to be honest I would trade having to pump this gun up over a springer for the main reason that the recoil is so much less violent on a pump gun allowing for better accuracy at the end of the day. When you factor in all the mods that are available for this line of Crosman Airguns the sky is the limit allowing for a ton of customization in performance and looks.

My YouTube Video Review of the Crosman P1322 American Classic .22 Caliber Target Pistol:

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Crosman PFAM98 Taurus PT-92 CO2 Blowback BB Pistol

Type: BB air pistol.
Manufacturer: KWC - Distributed by Crosman.
Model: PFAM98 - Taurus PT-92.
Materials: Mostly metal build.
Weight: 2.44 pounds (1107 grams).
Barrel: 4.1 inches, brass, non-rifled.
Propulsion: CO2 x1.
Action: Blowback semi and full auto selectable out of the box.
Ammunition Type: 4.5mm steel BB's.
Ammunition Capacity: 20 rounds
FPS: Up to 400.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the Crosman PFAM98 Taurus PT-92 CO2 Blowback BB Pistol is good in both single and double action. Double action mode has the longer heavier pull but is still smooth and not too heavy with a predictable release. Single action shooting has a much shorter trigger pull with a slight take-up and even lighter release than in double action mode.

Accuracy: I have not completed my shooting Field Test specifically for this Corsman branded KWC Taurus PT-92 but I have shot enough of them to know that it should get about a 2 inch 10 shot grouping from 30 feet away in semi auto mode of course. And I expect it to get around 330-340 fps on the Chrono. We will have to wait and see the final results when I get to my performance review.

Build Quality: Like all the KWC full blowback CO2 Airguns, the Crosman PFAM98 Taurus PT-92 CO2 Blowback BB Pistol has an overall good build and the design has been out long enough to get any of the bugs worked out by KWC. The fit is good and almost the entire gun is metal so it has great weight to it. Finish wise the electromagnetic coating can wear off in the high spots over time but this is true with real steel blued guns too.

Realism: Again like the full line of KWC full blowback Pistols, the Crosman PFAM98 Taurus PT-92 CO2 Blowback BB Pistol is an amazing replica and looks and functions the part of a real Taurus PT-92 in almost every way including being able to be fully field stripped. You will also find metal working parts in the same places you would find them on the real steal version.
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  • Pretty much all metal gun with good weight.
  • Heavy blowback action.
  • Nice single and double action trigger.
  • Semi auto and full auto ready out of the box.
  • Field strips like the real steel version.
  • Has been on the market for a while so all bugs worked out now.
  • Accurate replica of the Taurus PT-92.


  • Has the ugly white warning instruction on the slide.
  • Only single white dot on rear sight, would  have liked them front and back.
  • Expect to use up CO2 very quickly as is with all KWC full blowback airguns.

The Crosman PFAM98 Taurus PT-92 CO2 Blowback BB Pistol isn't anything we haven't already seen from KWC and other Airgun distributers re-branding this same KWC made gun. I do like that the Crosman version is full auto ready out of the box and about their claims of up to 400 fps? Well we will have to see about that as it seems optimist to me based on my other Field Test Shooting Reviews I have done with virtually the same KWC Airguns.

My YouTube Video Review for the Crosman PFAM98 Taurus PT-92 CO2 Blowback BB Pistol:

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Crosman PFAM98 Taurus PT-92 and American Classic P1322 Airgun Overview

First off, I want to thank Crosman for providing these two guns for review! Now they're not exactly new guns by any means but for sure worth showing and doing some update reviews for.

Starting with the Crosman PFAM98 Taurus PT-92:
The Crosman PFAM98 Taurus PT-92 is essential a KWC made M92 also branded as the same gun as the Cybergun GSG 92 and the Swiss Arms P92.

So for all intense and purposes if you have watched any of my other revise on this line of KWC Beretta /Taurus BB pistols and even Airsoft versions then this BB gun should be really familiar to you.

History of the Taurus PT-92:
It is often referred to as a Berate 92 copy but in fact it is a Taurus PT-92 replica. The Taurus PT-92 is a product of Brazil, Taurus actually bought the entire Brazilian Beretta factory back in 1980 including drawings, tooling, machinery, and a very experienced work force to make the guns. Taurus  immediately sought to improve on the Beretta design, resulting in the popular and acclaimed Taurus PT-92.

Specifications for the Crosman PFAM98 Taurus PT-92:

  • Full Blowback operation.
  • Full metal frame, slide and magazine.
  • 12 gram CO2.
  • 4.5mm steel BB’s.
  • 20 shot full size drop out metal magazine.
  • Smooth bore barrel.
  • Single and double action trigger.
  • 2.44 pounds (1107 grams).
  • Up to 400fps.
  • Replica of Taurus PT-92.
  • Made for Crosman by KWC in Taiwan.

Next up the Crosman American Classic P1322.
The American Classic P1322 is basically a .22 caliber version of the .177 caliber 1377 Pneumatic Pump Air Pistol. So make sure to watch the video reviews I have already done for the Crosman American Classic P1377. Other than caliber the .22 caliber version at least in Canada is more powerful since it has not been detuned for Canada import. The .22 caliber version has a claimed fps of 460 which is under our 500 fps import limitation while the standard non detuned .177 caliber version has a max claimed fps of up to 600 which can set off alarms at customs. For this reason the Crosman American Classic P1377 Canada version is detuned to shoot under 500 fps.

Crosman use to make a similar version of the Crosman American Classic P1322 called the Back Packer which had a slightly longer barrel and came with a removable stock. You can kind of replicate this gun by adding the stock but it will have a shorter barrel. Keep in mind there are a ton of mods available for this series of Crosman airguns including barrels, bolts, trigger, Internals stocks, scope mounts…

PHOTOSpecifications for the Crosman American Classic P1322:

  • Metal and plastic construction.
  • Pneumatic pump.
  • .22 caliber lead pellets.
  • Single shot bolt action.
  • Rifled metal barrel.
  • Single action only.
  • Up to 460fps using lead pellets (10 pumps).
  • 1.88 pounds (853 grams)

Keep posted for my full update reviews for these airguns...


ASG CZ Scorpion VZ61 & B&T BT5 AEG 6mm Airsoft Gun Shooting Update

I've already done Table Top Video Review for both the ASG CZ Scorpion VZ61 and the ASG B&T BT5 AEG 6mm Airsoft Guns so make sure to checkout both those videos.

What I hav not done so far is make a Filed Test Shooting video for either gun since this winter has been rather brutal here in BC Canada. Today I did manage to get outside and put some rounds through both the ASG CZ Scorpion VZ61 and the ASG B&T BT5 AEG 6mm Airsoft Guns so at least I can report back to everyone on how they performed for me. Sorry still no actual shooting video as my outside time was kind of limited due to it still being cold, we are even expecting some more snow tonight and over the next few days and it's March!

Getting back to my preliminary shooting testing, the ASG CZ Scorpion VZ61 only shot a slight bit higher then 250 but it was the more accurate of the two AEG Airsoft Guns getting close to a 1 inch 10 shot grouping using my standard 30 foot back semi rested shooting position. It did shoot a bit low but perhaps  a hop-up adjustment should fix that problem.

Next up I tested out the ASG B&T BT5 MP5 PDW Replica and it did have a little more power hitting closer to 300 fps but it was not as accurate as the CZ shooting a bit high and to the left with most shots within about 1.5 inches, still pretty decent from 30 feet back.

Overall both AEG Airsoft Guns where fun to shoot and when I did let them lose to shoot in full auto mode they performed as expected laying down a stream of Airsoft BB's till the mags where empty :)


RWA KG-9 AEG Airsoft Machine Pistol Review

Distributer: RWA (Made in Hong Kong)
Model: Interdynamic KG-9
Materials: Steel, aluminum and plastic (polymer) construction.
Weight: 3.22 pounds (1460 grams).
Length: 15.7 inches (398mm).
Propulsion: AEG.
Action: Full auto only.
Ammunition Type: 6mm Airsoft BB's
Ammunition Capacity: 90 round magazines (Comes with 2).
FPS: 360+.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the RWA KG-9 AEG Airsoft Machine Pistol is what you would expect form an AEG pistol as it is basically an on/off switch. Since the RWA KG-9 AEG Airsoft Machine Pistol is full auto only it is not easy to shoot a single shot, it can be done with a very short trigger pull but even then you get the occasional multiple shot. The RWA KG-9 AEG Airsoft Machine Pistol like the real steel original version is full auto only and that's what makes it so fun!

Accuracy: I did get a chance to take the RWA KG-9 AEG Airsoft Machine Pistol outside and put some rounds through my Chronograph and down range at a paper target. I averaged just under 340 fps using .20 gram 6mm Airsoft BB's which is about perfect for this compact machine pistol. I also placed about 10 rounds down range 30 feet back using my standard semi rested shooting position while trying to shoot in semi auto and got a pretty decent 1.5 to 2 inch grouping that was a little high but well centered left to right. Elevation could be adjusted using the hop-up.

Build Quality: The RWA KG-9 AEG Airsoft Machine Pistol is really one of the best made Airsoft guns I have seen in a while, all the metal parst are going to be real steel or aluminum, not your standard zinc alloy found in most airguns these days. The full upper is stamped steel along with the 90 round magazines, the lower is plastic with a few aluminum parts here and there. The fit and finish is also excellent!

Realism: The RWA KG-9 AEG Airsoft Machine Pistol is a replica of the Swedish made Interdynamic KG9 Open Bolt SMP, not the ntratec Tec-9 which was the American version of the KG9. For the most part the RWA Airsoft version is exact with the exception of the barrel shroud being slightly longer to accommodate the 7.4v LiPo batteries.


  • Lots of steel in this gun including full upper, barrel, pins and magazines.
  • Very high quality build with a solid weight and excellent fit and finish.
  • Fairly high rate full auto fire.
  • Comes with battery and two magazines.
  • Has almost perfect usable working rate of fire averaging around 340 fps with decent overall accuracy.
  • Working cocking handle.
  • Fully Licensed.


  • No blowback but there is some recoil feel from the heavy spring action.
  • No semi auto mode, full auto only.
  • Sights are not adjustable, can only use hop-up to adjust elevation.
  • Limited on battery choices.

The RWA KG-9 AEG Airsoft Machine Pistol is a really cool looking Airsoft gun, it is a bit larger than most hand guns but could still be used like one since it does not have a stock and can be used for similar shooting situations. The advantage is you have 90 rounds of full auto ammo at your disposal in a size format that is super compact and easy to manoeuvre. You also get some pretty decent power for longer range shooting and the accuracy out of the box at a variety of ranges is also really good. You could even use the RWA KG-9 AEG Airsoft Machine Pistol easily as a primary or even kick ass backup gun as it is super versatile.

Watch my YouTube Table Top Review of the RWA KG-9 AEG Airsoft Machine Pistol: