Umarex H.P.P and SA177 Comparison/Review

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I received both of these Umarex blowback BB guns (Umarex H.P.P and the Umarex SA177) about a month ago and so far I have very little to complain about either of them!

Some of the specs:

  • Both of them are CO2 powered
  • Both of them shoot 4.5mm BB's
  • Both of them have blowback action
  • Both of them shoot around 400 FPS
  • The H.P.P  is styled after the Sig Sauer 266
  • The H.P.P is mostly all metal construction
  • The H.P.P has a 15 round magazine
  • The SA177 is styled after the Glock
  • The SA177 has a metal slide and composite frame
  • The SA177 has a 19 round magazine
  • The SA177 has fiber optic sights

Here is a quick summary of these airguns…

Both of these Umarex airguns are great value for the money and both shoot pretty hard and accurate for blowback styled BB guns. Both have long trigger pulls with the SA177 being a bit on the heavy side. Neither one has a very heavy blowback feel but there is enough blowback to make them responsive and fun to shoot.

The construction on both of these BB airguns is overall very good with the SA177 being more realistic in comparison to the H.P.P. The H.P.P tends to be a more comfortable gun to shoot because of its weighty feel in the hand and lighter trigger pull.

I highly recommend both of these air guns. If you're looking for realism then get the SA177, and if you want the better shooter of the two, get the H.P.P.

I will be doing a more thorough shooting review with videos for each one of these Umarex blowback CO2 BB guns in the near future so stay tuned!

Here is the YouTube Video of my Umarex H.P.P and SA177 Comparison/Review:


Cybergun Sig Sauer X-Five P226 CO2 BB Airgun Review

Type: BB air pistol.
Manufacturer: Cybergun.
Model: Sig Sauer X-Five P226.
Materials: 99% all metal build.
Weight: 2.6 pounds.
Barrel: 4.4 inches, brass, non-rifled.
Propulsion: CO2 x1.
Action: Semi auto blowback, double and single action.
Ammunition Type: Steel BBs 4.5mm.
Ammunition Capacity: 18 rounds
FPS: 330
Trigger Pull: The trigger pull is what you would expect from a real automatic pistol, in single action mode it is light and short.
Accuracy: Very good.
Build Quality: Excellent, with almost all metal construction, good weight and craftsmanship.
Realism: This is as close as you can come to the look, weight, feel, and action of the real Sig Sauer X-Five. P226!
Available From: The Replica Airguns Store


  • Extremely realistic airgun replica of the original Sig Sauer X-Five P226.
  • All metal construction.
  • Would make an excellent training gun as it functions just like a real automatic handgun.
  • Blowback action is very firm adding to the realism of shooting this weapon.
  • Field strips just like the real Sig Sauer X-Five P226.
  • Carries Sig Sauer licensed trademarks.


  • It goes through CO2 very fast.
  • When the magazine releases, it simply drops out, no spring to it.
  • No adjustable sights.

This BB air pistol is styled after many modern blowback airsoft pistols, this means it functions very similarly to the real steel. It is a very hefty gun made almost entirely from metal and has a very snappy blowback action which adds to its shooting realism. Even the magazine looks and feels like a real 9mm magazine with similar weight and dimensions. The Cybergun Sig Sauer X-Five shoots very accurately for a BB airgun and has fairly decent power considering it's blowback function, this does result in heavy usage of CO2. I was able to get about 3 magazines out of a CO2 cartridge. This is one of my favorite airguns because it is so true to form and function.

My YouTube Videos for this Airgun:


Umarex MP5K PDW BB Airgun Review

Type: BB air rifle.
Manufacturer: Umarex.
Model: H&K MP5K PDW
Materials: Ppolymer shell, metal inner frame, metal trigger, metal cocking handle, metal but-plate.
Weight: 2.4 pounds.
Barrel: 9.75 inches, metal, non-rifled.
Propulsion: CO2 x1.
Action: Semi auto blowback.
Ammunition Type: Steel BBs 4.5mm.
Ammunition Capacity: 40 rounds
FPS: 400
Trigger Pull: Long and hard (trigger actuates the barrel forward allowing a BB to load and then snapping back to activate the CO2 release).
Accuracy: Medium to good.
Build Quality: Lots of plastic but it does not feel cheap, the internal mechanical parts and frame appear to be made of out of metals.
Realism: Even though there is a lot of plastic this is a 1 to 1 scale replica with full H&K licensing. It is a very accurate replica of the original.
Available From: The Replica Airguns Store 


  • Being able to own an H&K MP5 for just over $100.
  • High capacity 40 round magazine.
  • Blowback action gives some feedback.
  • Very nice folding stock.


  • Does not come with picatinny rail adapter for Red Dot or scope accessory.
  • Blowback does not operate action.
  • Mainly plastic.
  • CO2 hard to get to.

The Umarex H&K MP5K PDW 4.5mm BB Replica is a very realistic BB Repeater. It's fun to shoot and seems to have an endless magazine. The Blowback does give it s little bit of recoil when you have a fresh CO2, just don't expect too much.

The outer shell of the gun is mainly made out of plastic but for about $125 you really can't expect an all metal version.

If you're looking for a true Tactical styled BB gun, this would make an excellent choice.

My YouTube Videos for this Airgun:


Umarex Steel Storm BB Machine Gun Review

Type: BB machine gun
Manufacturer: Umarex.
Model: Steel Storm.
Materials: Polymer shell, metal inner frame, metal trigger, mainly metal CO2 magazine.
Weight: 2.8 pounds.
Barrel: 7.5 inches, metal, non-rifled.
Propulsion: CO2 x2.
Action: Semi auto, fully auto - 6 round burst, blowback.
Ammunition Type: Steel BBs 4.5mm.
Ammunition Capacity: 300 in internal hopper, 30 in spring fed magazine (hopper gravity feeds magazine when spring retracted).
FPS: 430.
Trigger Pull: Very light.
Accuracy: Excellent in both single shot and 6 round burst mode!
Build Quality: This airgun is made in Japan and even though the external shell is made out of polymer, it still has a very solid feel.
Realism: This gun is not a direct replica but it does share similarities to the HK MP7A1 (4.6x30mm).
Purchased this gun from: The Replica Airguns Store


  • Excellent value for the money.
  • Very accurate in both single and 6 round burst modes.
  • Super fun to shoot.
  • High rate of fire in full auto mode.
  • Picatinny rails on the top and bottom for accessories.
  • High FPS for a blowback gun.


  • Mainly polymer shell.
  • Uses lots of CO2 (to be expected)
  • No but-stock or way to add a but-stock.
  • No adjustable sites. (a Red Dot scope is perfect for this airgun)

The gun is plastic based but seems to be well built and has some weight to it. The design and functionality is well thought out and for the price of under $100 you can't rally ask for much more.

The rate of fire is fairly fast and there is only a small amount of blowback feel probably due to the weight of the gun. The Steel Storm is surprisingly loud, so shooting in a residential neighborhood may not be the best place to empty the two CO2 cartridges! I was able to get around 200 rounds from the dual CO2 cartridges, most of which were shot in full auto 6 round burst mode.

It would have been nice to have the BBs in the pull out magazine but the gravity fed hopper makes more sense feeding into the internal lower 30 round spring fed magazine.

The Umarex Steel Storm Full Auto CO2 BB Gun is very fun to shoot and is well worth the small amount of cost. So go get one!

My YouTube Videos for this Airgun:


Worlds Smallest Full Auto BB Gun

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This is a video I posted on YouTube a while back that has gotten a lot of views (Now Over 300,000). It's basically me and a friend shooting a couple of guns. The first set of guns (One in each hand - Tomb Raider Style) are two Walther CP99 Compacts made by Umarex. The CP99 Compact is a great little BB gun with a very fast and light trigger pull.

Next up is another Umarex product, a Walther PPK. This one is moded to fire Full Auto, making it one of the smallest Full Auto BB Guns. Too bad it's all over so fast! I'll look at doing some proper reviews of these fine Airguns down the road...

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