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KWC M712 Broomhandle CO2 BB Pistol Full Auto Fun Video

Here is my second instalment for this summers Full Auto Fun Videos. in this Full Auto Fun Video I shoot my KWC M712 Broomhandle CO2 BB Pistol at some more water filled Pop Cans and Clay Pigeons in Full Auto mode of course :)

Make sure to watch my other KWC M712 Broomhandle CO2 BB and Airsoft Pistol videos and keep in mind we sell both the 4.5mm Steel BB version and 6mm Airsoft Version in our Canada Replica Airgun Store.

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Umarex Beretta Mod. 92 A1 CO2 BB Pistol Full Auto Fun Video

Last summer I made some "Full Auto Fun" videos and well... I had a lot of fun making them and of course shooting the full auto airguns. So I got to thinking I should make some more Full Auto Fun videos again this summer, at least for some of the new Full Auto guns I have not made these videos for yet.

So to kick it off, I brought out my Umarex Beretta Mod. 92 A1 CO2 BB Pistol and shot up some clay pigeons and water filled cans in Full Auto Mode of course :)

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Sig Sauer P250 & P226 - Umarex PX4 Storm - Gamo P25 & MP9 Comparison

Make sure to watch my YouTube video for this Comparison Review as I go into a lot of detail about the similarities and difference with each of these CO2 Blowback Pellet Guns.

Here are some of the main Similarities when comparing the Sig Sauer P250 & P226 - Umarex PX4 Storm - Gamo P25 & MP9:

  • All of these CO2 blowback pellet guns are made for each company in Japan (I am assuming from the same factory?)
  • All of the listed Pellet Airguns shoot .177 caliber pellets (Can be Alloy or Lead)
  • They all have double sided rotary stick magazines that hold 8 rounds on each end for a total of 16 shots per magazine.
  • All of the Airguns use 12 gram CO2.
  • All compared pellet guns have Blowback operation.
  • All of these pellet pistols have single and double action triggers except for the Gamo MP9 which is single action only and needs to be charged on the first shot.
  • They all have rifled barrels.

Here is where we find some key differences between these CO2 Blowback Pellet Pistols:

The FPS Velocity for each Airgun: 

The weight of Each Pellet Gun:

The Barrel Length for each Air Pistol:

The Main Build Materials for each Pellet Pistol:

Is the Ejection Port Cut Out? 

Is it a Replica of a Real Steel Gun? 


My Latest Fitness Contest Results - Vancouver Pro Am BC Championships

This is not an Airgun video but I know some of my viewers have shown some interest in the Fitness Contests I compete in and what I do over on my other Fitness Channel,

My latest Fitness Contest I entered (July 10th) was the Vancouver Pro Am BC Championships where I competed in Men's Masters and Open Physique classes. I placed 1st in Masters which is my actual age category of 40+ and I also placed second in Open which is for all ages young and old to compete head to head! I now get to go to the this years Canadian Nationals held August 13th 2016 representing the province of British Columbia :)

This YouTube video is the Awards portion of the show where we do a little posing and then find out how we all did?