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Gletcher NGT R CO2 Pellet Revolver Field Test Review

I have already made a Table Top Video Review for the Gletcher NGT Silver CO2 BB Revolver which for the most part is the same gun but in a 4.5mm Steel BB non rifled barrel version and as the title indicates with a different finish being the silver version. Other than finish and ammunition being used, both guns are virtually the same.

I always like getting outside and shooting the airguns I review even on these fall overcast days, at least the temperature was not too cold, right around 14 °C or 57.2 °F so decent for my testing purposes. The Gletcher NGT R like the BB shooting NGT is a fairly small air revolver and so pretty much anyone should be able to shoot this air revolver even if you have smaller hands, I did find that pre-cocking the hammer for single action shooting was a bit of a stretch when reaching over with the thumb, but you can just as easily shoot in double action, both trigger pulls are nice and light with the double action being a bit longer and heavier.

Loading the 7 round cylinder will take longer than your standard stick magazine BB pistol since you first need to pop some .177 caliber pellets into each shell, if you want to speed up the process you don't have to eject the shells to load them, you can simply index the cylinder and pop a pellet into each shell while still inside the cylinder.

In terms of fps performance, the Gletcher NGT R CO2 Pellet Revolver shot a little higher than expected getting a 4 shot average of 376 fps using 7 grain RWS Lead pellets, so around 50 fps higher than the claimed 328 fps on the box and even a bit higher than the steel BB version I tested earlier. This is really good considering the short barrel and fact that a revolver can leak a little CO2 between the cylinder and the barrel and even the cylinder and the CO2 valve.

I really felt comfortable using the rather old school fixed open post and notch sights, the grey/black finish on the Gletcher NGT R may be a bit hard to see on darker targets but shooting on my white target was no problem. My 7 shot grouping from 30 feet back using a semi rested shooting stance produced about a 1 inch grouping well centred vertically just a hair to the left so all in all the Gletcher NGT R CO2 Pellet Revolver has the power and accuracy I was hoping for even in such a small package.

I would definitely recommend the Gletcher NGT R CO2 Pellet Revolver, not only is it a real looker but it also has the performance to back it. even better than its 4.5mm Steel BB shooting brother.

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My Favorite BB Pellet Airsoft and Blank Replica Guns

It has been a while since I picked out some of my favorite guns, after all my favorite gun picks change on a daily basis since there are so many awesome guns out there to pick from.

This YouTube video is a little different since I pick out my favorites from a bunch of mostly replica gun categories including Steel BB, Pellet, Airsoft, Revolvers and Blank Pistols.

You may notice most of my picks happen to be blowback guns but to me airguns are all about being as realistic as possible and having blowback operation to me help to simulate the realism that much more. The exception in this video is in the pellet gun category since I decided on a pellet gun that was more about function and purpose over being any type of real replica.

Hopefully you take the time to watch my entire YouTube video since I also bring out some close runner ups but here is a list of my top picks on this day, tomorrow it could be a completely different list of guns ;) 


Halloween Costume Contest Giveaway 2016

One again it's time for the annual Halloween Costume Contest Giveaway!

I really enjoy watching all your video entries and this year it will be pretty much the same as previous years so make sure to get your Halloween Costume entries in before the November 10th deadline.

Here are the rules:

  • Make sure to have fun!
  • Your costume needs to have some sort of a weapon in it but it does not have to be a gun or even a knife or sword, it could be a bat, axe, hammer, chain saw... The more creative the better!
  • You must be a Subscriber to my Replica Airguns YouTube Channel.
  • Make sure to like and favorite my Halloween Costume Contest Giveaway 2016 YouTube video.
  • Comment to my Halloween Costume Contest Giveaway 2016 YouTube video with a link to your YouTube Costume entry video.
  • Upload and share your Halloween Costume video response before midnight November 10th.

What is the big prize!

Your choice of KWC or Cybergun (depending on if you are in Canada or the US) full blowback pistols. (Sig X-5P921911). Your choice of 4.5mm Steel BB or Airsoft also dependant on what is in stock and available at that time.

I will be creating a Halloween Costume Contest Giveaway 2016 Playlist where I will be adding in all the entries so make sure to watch those videos and support everyone else who enters.

Looking forward to checking out everyone's Halloween Costume Videos!


Daisy Powerline 5501 and 5502 Field Test Comparison Review


In this Field Test Shooting video I test out both the Daisy Powerline 5501 and Daisy Powerline 5502 CO2 Blowback BB pistols to determine what the real work velocity is and also how well they performs in terms of accuracy. To test velocities for both Airguns I use a my Chrony Chronograph and do my best to get 5 good readings which I then average out. I always use a brand new 12 gram CO2 cartridge and generally use 5.1 grain Zink Coated Steel BB's for my entire Field Testing. For my accuracy test, I set myself up 30 feet back using a semi rested position, to do this I place a sand bag up front to rest my hands and gun on and then stand securely in the back while I place 10 rounds on a paper target. There will obviously be some humane factor involved since I am not perfect but I can usually get a good idea on how accurate a given gun is using this method.

During my Velocity or FPS Chronograph testing, I managed to get 4 good readings out of 15 shots with the Daisy Powerline 5501 scoring an average of 367fps. Amazingly my first 5 shots with the Daisy Powerline 5502 all ready perfectly on my Chronograph even though they where moving a good 50fps faster, go figure? My average velocity for this 5 shot sting of shots was 417fps.

For my accuracy testing I was expecting both guns to perform about the same since mechanically they arevirtually the same other than a longer barrel on the 5502. The Daisy Powerline 5501 however seemed to struggle with consistency, it did group well left to right and up and down on the target but the spread was about 5 inches and it should of gotten closer to 2-3 inches in my books for a blowback pistol like this. The Daisy Powerline 5502 did perform better in terms of accuracy getting closer to a 2-3 inch grouping so overall I have to give the Powerline 5502 the advantage in both velocity and accuracy.

Another noteworthy point to mention is how much quieter the Daisy Powerline 5502 is in person! I am assuming the longer barrel along with the compensator perhaps muffling the sound a bit plays a roll in this. Both Daisy Powerline CO2 Blowback BB Pistols have a nice solid blowback action simulating some recoil and the triggers on both are fairly decent being that they simulate more of a double action feel with their long medium weight pull.

I do like the look of the more simplified Daisy Powerline 5501 with it's chrome frame but the performance and accessory option of the Powerline 5502 are a definite benefit for this model.

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