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KWC Model 226-S5 Sig Sauer CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol Table Top Review

Type: BB Airsoft Pistol.
Manufacturer: KWC.
Model: Model 226-S5 (Sig Sauer X-Five).
Materials: 99% all metal build.
Weight: 2.75 pounds.
Barrel: 4.33 inches, brass, non-rifled.
Propulsion: CO2 x1.
Action: Semi auto blowback, double and single action.
Ammunition Type: Airsoft 6mm plastic BB's.
Ammunition Capacity: 25 rounds
FPS: 390

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the KWC Model 226-S5 Sig Sauer CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol is what you would expect from a blowback pistol with true single action capability. nice and light with a short take-up in single action and also decent when shooting in double action which for the most part you will not be doing since the blowback pre-cocks the hammer for single action shooting.
Accuracy: This is yet to be determined since I have not conducted my Field Test Shooting review for the KWC Model 226-S5 Sig Sauer. Based on my previous review of the Cybergun branded and licensed Sig X-Five 4.5mm Steel BB version, it should do well with heavy blowback, reasonable power but not a lot of shots per CO2.

Build Quality: Very good, pretty much an all metal construction, good weight and craftsmanship, slide wiggle is minimal, fit and finish is good. As with many of the KWC airguns that use an electromagnetic powder coating, the finish looks great but is thin so it does wear off on the high posts and where metal on metal movement takes place.
Realism: Compared to the real steel Sig Sauer X-Five, the KWC version is pretty close, although it does have a bit different looking slide in terms of the groves or slide serration's, and of course there is no Sig Sauer licensing on the KWC version. You also do not get the ugly white warning instructions so there is a bit of a trade off here and the KWC version also comes with a fully adjustable rear sight which is nice if your aim point is off a bit. Over all the KWC Model 226-S5 Sig Sauer CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol is super realistic with its full blowback operation, full size drop out metal magazine and ability to filed strip just like the real steel Sig Sauer it replicates.

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  • All metal construction - Extremely good weight and solid feeling gun. As real as you can get.
  • Heavy blowback action.
  • Accurate X-five replica without the Sig Licensing or white warning instructions.
  • Awesome training gun.
  • Both SA & DA with excellent trigger pull, very smooth and light.
  • Has the fully adjustable rear sight for windage and elevation.
  • Nice high capacity full size drop out metal magazine.
  • Fully field strippable.


  • Top loading magazine only.
  • Sacrifice some fps and shots per CO2 because of the heavy blowback but worth it.
  • Finish is prone to wear on the high spots and metal on metal areas 

I am really looking forward to my Field Test Shooting video for this Airsoft pistol, the KWC Model 226-S5 Sig Sauer is a nice big heavy pistol with lots of blowback, right up my alley! I am hoping the hop-up will keep this gun in the same accuracy zone as the 4.5mm Cybergun X-Five version, I may just have to test them head to head to find out? If you're a Sig Sauer fan like me, and require a solid useable Airsoft pistol for gaming or just plinking, the KWC Model 226-S5 Sig Sauer CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol should do the job well and at a price point that is very reasonable.

My YouTube Videos for the KWC Model 226-S5 Sig Sauer CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol:

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KWC 357 6 Inch Chrome CO2 BB Revolver Table Top Review

Type: BB air revolver.
Manufacturer: KWC.
Model: 357.
Materials: Mostly metal with some plastic construction.
Weight: 2.75 pounds (1218 grams).
Barrel: 5.5 inches, non-rifled.
Propulsion: 12 gram CO2.
Action: Revolver, single & double actions.
Ammunition Type: 4.5mm steel BB's.
Ammunition Capacity: 6 rounds.
FPS: 400fps.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the KWC 357 6 Inch CO2 BB Revolver is good in both single and double action, even better than the Dan Wesson and S&W 327 TRR8 shell loading revolvers, most likely because the spring tension that pushes the inner barrel to make contact with the cylinder is noticeably lighter on the KWC 357. Even the hammer is smoother and has less wiggle, just a better trigger and hammer mechanism overall.

Accuracy: Based on my results shooting the Umarex Colt Python 357 which is essentially the same gun in a different finish. The results I got shooting my 6 round group from a 30 foot out semi rested position where good overall. Vertically there was about a 2 inch spread while horizontally there was about a 1 inch spread. I did find the plastic tips on the brass shells seemed to be a bit tight at first and this is when I did most of my Chronograph and target shooting. I believe the tightness effected the consistency of the FPS which also effected the accuracy especially up and down. I did get one shot out of the Umarex Colt Python 357 well over the claimed 400 fps but again the fps was rather erratic most likely because of the snug BB fit due to shell break-in.

Build Quality: The KWC 357 6 Inch CO2 BB Revolver being mostly metal have a very good build quality, perhaps even better than the Dan Wesson and S&W 327 TRR8 shell loading revolvers, even the weight of the KWC 357 came in close to a half of a pound more! The only real plastic I could find was in the grips and the shell tips. Fit and finish was also good with no noticeable chrome wear or sloppy workmanship. It will be interesting to see how the Chrome finish wears over time...

Realism: The KWC 357 6 Inch CO2 BB Revolver overall is a close copy a the real steel 357 styled revolver. I did notice the rear portion of the receiver (between the rear cylinder and hammer) to be a bit longer perhaps to accommodate the CO2 valve length, but other than that this pistol is super close to the original 357 styled revolver it is based on. Agin being all metal gives this CO2 BB revolver very realistic weight and feel and the loadable brass shells make using this gun almost exactly like using a real shell loading revolver but for much less cost per shot and of course a lot less recoil on the hands.
Available in the: Replica Airguns Store.


  • It's a revolver with actual shells! Give you the feeling of loading and shooting a real revolver.
  • Mostly all metal design.
  • lots of detail, well made, Chrome looks nice, not sure if it will ear better than the black finish?
  • Good overall weight, heaviest out of all the shell loaders.
  • Should have good overall power, accuracy and shots per CO2 (based on Colt Python testing).
  • Fully adjustable sights for windage and elevation.
  • Well hidden CO2 Screw.
  • Recessed barrel.
  • Nice easy Trigger pull in both single and double action.


  • Grips are a bit rough.
  • Grips may be a bit large for people with small hands.
  • Black rear sight may not be great on dark backgrounds or low lighting.

The ASG Dan Wesson shell loading revolvers reintroduced me to the joy of loading and shooting a revolver which up until that point was not that realistic of an experience when using a BB or Pellet revolver. The KWC 357 6 Inch CO2 BB Revolver like the Umarex Colt Python 357 has taken it up a notch by adding just a bit more overall weight, a smother trigger and hammer mechanism and styling this revolver on the Classic 357 magnum platform. And all of this for even less than the cost of the original Dan Wesson shell loading series CO2 BB revolvers. If you're a revolver fan, make sure to grab one of these, the Chrome finish is really eye catching and would make a great addition to your revolver collection for sure.

My YouTube Table Top Review for the KWC 357 6 Inch CO2 BB Revolver:

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KWC 357 and ASG CZ 75 P-07 - CZ 75D Compact and Bersa BP9CC BB and Airsoft Update Video

Some more CO2 pistols I will be doing Table Top and Field Test video reviews for in the near future. Some of them I have already reviewed in different caliber versions, either 4.5mm Steel BB or 6mm Plastic Airsoft.

From KWC I show off two revolvers styled after the 357 and if you watched my Umarex Colt Python 357 Review then you will notice the similarities between these KWC made revolvers since they are all made by KWC. The Model 357 6 inch version is finished in Chrome and made to shoot 4.5mm Steel BB's while the KWC Model 357 2.5 inch shoots 6mm Plastic BB's and is in all black. At this time I do not have these KWC revolver listed in the Replica Airguns Canada Store but should have them listed fairly soon...

I also showcase three CO2 6mm Airsoft semi auto pistols from ASG that I have already reviewed in their 4.5mm Steel BB equivalents. The ASG CZ 75 P-07 Duty Non-blowback, the ASG CZ 75 D Compact Non-blowback and the ASG Bersa BP9CC Blowback. 

Make sure to watch my quick Update YouTube Preview Video for these fine CO2 pistols to see them up close and personal...


Halloween Costume Contest Giveaway 2014

Better late than never this time, here is my official announcement for the 2014 Halloween Costume Contest Giveaway!

In a nutshell the basic Costume Contest Giveaway rules are as follows:

  • Upload your Halloween Costume video response before midnight November 10th.
  • Costumes should be based around a weapon of some sort.
  • Comment to this YouTube video with a link to your YouTube Halloween Costume entry video.
  • The winner (Canada & US only) will get a KWC/Cybergun Blowback Pistol of their choice (standard versions).

Of course anyone from outside of Canada and the US can send me a video link to their Halloween Costume videos and I will be sure to include your videos in my Featured Halloween Costume Contest Giveaway 2014 YouTube Playlist even though you are not eligible to win a prize.

Good look to all and looking forward to seeing all of your Halloween Costumes...