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Baikal Drozd Blackbird 4.5mm Steel BB Gun 1200 rpm Modified Full Auto Fun

Full Auto Fun video number three this week and this one is perhaps the craziest one! When you take a Drozd Blackbird that already has a 800-1000 round BB magazine, convert it to 1200 rounds of full auto, add a custom JimC Barrel to it, some bulk CO2 and a bunch of other cosmetic accessories... Well you get the most ridiculous full auto BB gun you can ask for.

Since I had an extra 800-900 BB's more than I am used to when making these full auto videos, I decided to add a few additional targets over and above the clay pigeons I have been using so far. I picked up a nice fairly heavy gauge Santa tin and a rather solid hard wax candle from the dollar store that proved to add some drama to this Full Auto Fun video!

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RAP4 RAP5 MP5 4.5mm Steel BB Modified Full Auto Fun

Video number two in a summertime series I'm calling "Full Auto Fun". My first video featured the KWC/Cybergun CO2 BB Blowback Mini UZI. The KWC Mini UZI has lots of kick and is a bit hard to figure out where exactly the sweet spot is but once you find it, it really tares up the targets in full auto mode!

In this "Full Auto Fun" video I bring out my RAP4 - RAP5 MP5 Full auto BB Rifle. The RAP5 MP5 started out life as a .43 caliber paintball gun but I bought it converted in the factory to 4.5mm Steel BB. RAP4 converts it by adding a barrel sleeve adaptor and includes some plastic casings that allow you to place 4.5mm Steel BB's into a kind of donut shaped shell that is then placed into the 21 round magazines. The plastic Donut BB shells eject from the gun like a real shell casing which is super cool!

Like my KWC Mini UZI Full Auto Fun video, I shoot up a bunch of clay pigeons but this time using my RAP4 - RAP5 MP5 4.5mm Steel BB Full Auto Rifle which I found to be very accurate but perhaps a bit thirsty when it comes to CO2 usage. Some bulk air would be a nice combination with this BB shooter, maybe in another video...

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KWC Cybergun Mini UZI 4.5mm Steel BB Modified Full Auto Fun

This "Full Auto Fun" video focuses on my KWC/Cybergun 4.5mm Steel BB CO2 Blowback Mini UZI BB Gun, where I kick of a short series based around shooting a bunch of 4.5mm Steel BB machine guns! Sounds like fun cause it is fun!

This KWC/Cybergun Blowback Mini UZI comes in a variety of versions, 4.5mm Steel BB and Airsoft versions, it also comes in RWS and KWC Distributed models.

In this video I basically shoot a bunch of clay pigeons positioned in various locations and film it using 4 different camera angles to spice things up a bit.

I also mention some upcoming videos where I will be shooting my RAP4 MP5 and Baikal Drozd Blackbird Full Auto BB guns so make sure to watch those video when I upload them later on this week!

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More Full Auto BB Gun Videos on the Way - Update Video

I had so much fun getting my modded Drozd Classic Full Auto BB Gun out the other day and shooting it, that I thought I would make some more Full Auto videos for you! So this upcoming week I will be taking a look at some of the following BB guns:

Stay tuned... Not sure exactly what I am going to do in terms of shooting tests and comparissons but I do know it will be fun :)